Hey everyone so I am creating this because like this wiki should have another activity other then just roleplay because...uh yeah anyways here you go.

Also, try not to take these hurt and heals personally. Thank you.


  1. Only 1 post per person per day:
  2. A character can only heal up to 20 points.
  3. Once you post your comment you can not edit it.
  4. Every 25 comments somebody can choose who to take and add 5 to, and every 100 comments somebody can who to take 10 to and from.
  5. You can only comment your hurts and heals every 24 hours.
  6. Every time the final 2 happens you can ONLY choose to EITHER hurt or heal.


Color Description
1st This character has won
2nd This character has placed 2nd
3rd This character has placed 3rd
Color Description
10+ This character has more than the starting 10 points and is winning
10- This character only has less than the starting 10 points and is losing
10 This character is safe and is neutral
OUT This character has been eliminated
20 This character is immune and will take 5 hurts to lose a point


Total Drama: Around the Globe

Character Points Rank
Amybadge OUT 20
Annebadge 15 TBA
Bridgettebadge 15 TBA
Codybadge OUT 21
Courtneybadge 13 TBA
Davebadge 10 TBA
Dawnbadge 19 TBA
Duncanbadge 7 TBA
Justinbadge 10 TBA
Lightningbadge 6 TBA
Lindsaybadge 12 TBA
Noahbadge 15 TBA
Sadiebadge 9 TBA
Sameybadge 10 TBA
Scarlettbadge 14 TBA
Scottbadge 5 TBA
Shawnbadge 10 TBA
Skybadge 12 TBA
Trentbadge 14 TBA
Tylerbadge 12 TBA
Zoeybadge 5 TBA

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