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    Power Rankings

    May 15, 2015 by TheAnimeKid87

    Oh, lol. 4 people left? Gwen, Topher, Coco, and Geoff.

    • 4th Topher: Topher himself is....the next person to go on the tribe really, or should be. I mean, it's just logical really, he brings less than the others do, he helps at least and now that the floaters are gone then he is the next choice.
    • 3rd Gwen: Gwen is 3rd, because, she's neutral with most on her team, she is useful and contributes and is kind of like a second leader to the team. She isn't that sociable, but isn't like completely detached, her mood remains mellow-ish or reserved, but she's here because, Coco and Geoff (more Coco) are crafty, and can get people on their side.
    • 2nd: Mr Coconut: He is a literal Coconut, he has quite a lot of power in the game, but Topher dislikes him, an…

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