Life right now is hard for me, also because of school, which is most stressful. I'm failing French class, while my other classes are high 70's to high 80's, which isn't too bad...I guess. I even got a lunch detention today because I missed alot of work when I had the flu...WTF! But while I was screaming inside of my head, I still remember when I stumbled upon the TRD wiki, and I met the awesome people that participate and talk with me everyday. I always look foward to RP, and being a character that I have always wanted to put in my hands and make them better. I am having chest pains and I think I have an anxiety disorder to where I will shake when someone even talks to me for a second. I feel so alone until I remember you all! Even though I have not been here NEARLY as long as you all, I still think of you as my best friends. I never actually tell anyone that I like TD, because all I need is bullying and more problems...So thank you all for making my life better, even in the worse of times, when I feel like I need help. I have Friday off to myself, which will be nice to have the day off and rest (won't be absent...exams will be done) this has been the only thing that I look foward too right now. I'm just scared that I may have to retake French class, and thats not what I want, so Thanks! (Not a goodbye note,just telling you XD)

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