So I am going to review the final 7 and who I think should win. 


(Estimated Placing - 7th-6th)

Trent has done alot of awesome things this season, with Tyler, Lindsay, and Noah. Buutttt He has no plot right now. He hasn't really done anything after Tyler's elimination.


(Estimated Placing - 6th - 4th)

As bland as Bridgette is, this season she did pretty well, so I admire her for that. But, like Trent, she has nothing going for her, and because of that, I don't think she will pass this week.


(Estimated Placing - 5th)

Amy has a nice storyline, and is a good antagonist (even though she didn't do much) I still like her, but I hope I see her do some more antagonistic stuff before she gets eliminated.


(Estimated Placing - 4th-3rd)

Lindsay has no plots this season, but she is completely funny and overall a great character. But she obviously isn't a deserving winner as she hasn't dealt with nearly as much as the other contestants.

Sky, Dave, and Courtney

They are all the ones I will be watching today. I love everything about these characters. I hope a Courtney/Sky conflict starts because that would be awesome. I can't say who I think deserves the final 2. Courtney is the only one I'm on edge about, since she backstabbed others.

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