• SpiritAnimal

    S3 Themes

    March 10, 2015 by SpiritAnimal

    I know I'm not an admin, but I think we should go ahead and start thinking about S3 themes. Here are some of my suggestions:

    • Mansion
    • Cruise
    • Toxic Island
    • Island

    We should all post suggestions and the admins can look them over and decide (BTW VIRTUAL REALITY SOUNDS TERRIBLE LIKE REALLY? REALLY?)

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  • SpiritAnimal

    Its a little further away, but lets start anyways.

    Its obvious that such a hated character could be fodder. But Dave was almost confirmed fodder in S1 until the season started...and he got 5th. So anything could happen, but Mike is also drained from his develop ability. Now that his MPD is gone, he's pretty much "The Guy" and we all don't want that.

    Tyler is amazing and awesome and I really wish that I wouldn't predict Lindsay here, but Lindsay has been floating all season. She is a funny character but when it comes to development Lindsay really hasn't had any this season. She has kinda been under the radar which is why she is in the final 4, while the other contestants target each other. So until she develops this season, I can't predict he…

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  • SpiritAnimal

    RP Final 7 Overview

    February 14, 2015 by SpiritAnimal

    So I am going to review the final 7 and who I think should win. 

    (Estimated Placing - 7th-6th)

    Trent has done alot of awesome things this season, with Tyler, Lindsay, and Noah. Buutttt He has no plot right now. He hasn't really done anything after Tyler's elimination.

    (Estimated Placing - 6th - 4th)

    As bland as Bridgette is, this season she did pretty well, so I admire her for that. But, like Trent, she has nothing going for her, and because of that, I don't think she will pass this week.

    (Estimated Placing - 5th)

    Amy has a nice storyline, and is a good antagonist (even though she didn't do much) I still like her, but I hope I see her do some more antagonistic stuff before she gets eliminated.

    (Estimated Placing - 4th-3rd)

    Lindsay has no plots thi…

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  • SpiritAnimal

    RP Times

    January 30, 2015 by SpiritAnimal

    We should RP tonight at 4 EST. If we do, then we should be done around 7, when Our TDRP Wiki RP starts. And tomorrow we won't interfear with TRD wiki's RP. I think its a good idea.

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  • SpiritAnimal

    Thank You All!

    January 29, 2015 by SpiritAnimal

    Life right now is hard for me, also because of school, which is most stressful. I'm failing French class, while my other classes are high 70's to high 80's, which isn't too bad...I guess. I even got a lunch detention today because I missed alot of work when I had the flu...WTF! But while I was screaming inside of my head, I still remember when I stumbled upon the TRD wiki, and I met the awesome people that participate and talk with me everyday. I always look foward to RP, and being a character that I have always wanted to put in my hands and make them better. I am having chest pains and I think I have an anxiety disorder to where I will shake when someone even talks to me for a second. I feel so alone until I remember you all! Even though …

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