Hey everyone, today I am going to start a new kind of blog that might be a huge success or a complete failure. Either way it will get some activity on this wiki, so as you know we had an epic premiere, and many people are wondering who will win this season? Okay maybe not many people, but I certainly want to know. Anyways so down below you will find the betting odds for each character of winning the season.

How betting odd works

  • lets say I say Jo has a 2/1 odds of winning.

You calculate 1/(2+1)= 0.33%, so Jo has a 33% chance of winning based on her interactions etc.


Owen: 100/1

Jo: 75/1

Ezekiel: 35/1

Topher: 25/1

Leonard: 20/1

Rodney: 12/1

Blaineley: 10/1

Emily: 6/1

Katie: 6/1

Alejandro: 6/1

Gwen: 5/1

Geoff: 5/1

Heather: 5/1

Dakota: 4/1

Mr. Coconut: 4/1

Momma DJ: 3/1

Tell me what you guys think of the odds in the comments.

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