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    Final 12 Predictions

    May 25, 2015 by SkyFanTD

    12. Leonard - I don't think his roleplayer has showed up, and depending on the alliance that prevails at merge he will most likely be targeted, and he doesn't serve much importance except for his conflict with Katie which is kind of fun to watch.

    11. Jo - Jo is pretty cool, and I really want to see a Jo vs. Heather conflict, but I'm guessing Jo won't go too far with Epic being a major threat and all.

    will do later.

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  • SkyFanTD

    Hey everyone, today I am going to start a new kind of blog that might be a huge success or a complete failure. Either way it will get some activity on this wiki, so as you know we had an epic premiere, and many people are wondering who will win this season? Okay maybe not many people, but I certainly want to know. Anyways so down below you will find the betting odds for each character of winning the season.

    • lets say I say Jo has a 2/1 odds of winning.

    You calculate 1/(2+1)= 0.33%, so Jo has a 33% chance of winning based on her interactions etc.

    Owen: 100/1

    Jo: 75/1

    Ezekiel: 35/1

    Topher: 25/1

    Leonard: 20/1

    Rodney: 12/1

    Blaineley: 10/1

    Emily: 6/1

    Katie: 6/1

    Alejandro: 6/1

    Gwen: 5/1

    Geoff: 5/1

    Heather: 5/1

    Dakota: 4/1

    Mr. Coconut: 4/1

    Momma DJ: 3/1

    Tell me wha…

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  • SkyFanTD

    First off, hi I am SkyFanTD, and this is my first analysis blog so cut me some slack. So by now most of your thoughts on Skave is ITS TERRIBLE or ITS WORSE THAN ZOKE, but I think that Skave was well written except for perhaps the finale. Also, I won't be discussing much of the first half of Skave, so I will mention it right now before I talk about the second half.

    Well I firmly believe that from the start that the writers said that Sky and Dave was not going to work out, and here are three things that commonly occurred that helped prove my point.

    #1 Split Confessionals

    In every split confessional the two are literally thinking completely the opposite. For example after the switch Dave thinks that he still might have a shot with Sky, while Sky…

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    March 1, 2015 by SkyFanTD

    Alright wow what an episode! Not going to lie, that was pretty good. Since I am out of the game, I decided to make a prediction blog yay! Okay I know this is very very early but like screw it.

    20th Go away. Ugh. nothing is good about Rodney NO OFFENSE. Please buy some pot uhhh woops *plot. Yeah but seriously he did nothing in the first episode so go home.

    19th Another filler. God, no offense to Heo, but Harold would be likeable if you contributed to the team/had plot.

    18th I could be wrong, but in my opinion Amy has nothing to offer. Unlike in the TRD wiki where her character did a complete 180 in this rp she is just there, but she is interesting when I pay attention.

    17th Yeah here is the thing Trent is inconsistent. Sometimes I enjoy him, somet…

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    Final 7 Analysis

    February 8, 2015 by SkyFanTD

    Okay this is my first blog post, and I thought MAYBE I should do it about the RP. Anyways the topic final 7. Amy, Bridgette, Courtney, Dave, Lindsay, Sky, and Trent. Who is going to win it? uuh sky for sure. jk you will just have to read this to find out. This blog will explain how the contestants appeal to the audience and their predicted placing based on plots, alliances, blah blah you get the point.

    We are going to start with Trent. Uh......... okay I thought of what I will say, Trent is interesting, he is fun to watch BUT he has little to no plots. With Noah gone Trent is basically useless, EXCEPT his conflict with Lindsay which should be expanded on if Trent is going to last any further in this game. I also have noticed one small prob…

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