12:32 LlewellynIsAwesome! That's the spirit Bridgette

12:32 LlewellynIsAwesome! LOL 
12:32 LlewellynIsAwesome! FREDDIE 
12:32 SkyFanTDLMAO 
12:32 SkyFanTD OMG 
12:32 DestructiveMilkshake  What can you expect Zoey? Those two are probably just going to make out. 
12:32 King Flurry51  Yes, I didn't sleep for the second night in a row...rats everywhere...stinky seats...crappy everything. 
12:32 Berryleaf  BECAUSE WE'RE THE FEROCIOUS FALCONS *cheers* 
12:32 Cabbage pult 74  *conf.* I'm afraid that Duncan has an alliance with Sky. 
12:32 Berryleaflol same thing 
12:32 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : WOO HOO 
12:32 TylerWebkinzFan  GO TEAM 
12:32 Heozaki  Hey, guys! 
12:32 DestructiveMilkshake  Or discuss which one of us should go next. 
12:33 SkyFanTD  Tyler we are psychically linked *laughs 
12:33 The not so happy user  oh, I'm tired of the rats here, but Dawn seems to befriend them. 
12:33 DerpyandDawn  : *Freezes* Ahem... Duncan is helping me... With my suitcase. 
12:33 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : *Conf* I am so glad my team is pumped up for today, today we are gonna win, no matter what 
12:33 VeryUnknownFan  : Whoever puts the last effort in the team deserves to go home 
12:33 DerpyandDawn  : *Snuggles with the rats* 
12:33 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : Yea lol Sky 
12:33 Cabbage pult 74  Well, Scarlett, tell us who has been more lazy on the team? 
12:33 Heozaki  Conf: I had a dream last night....and it had Jasmine in it, telling me everyone wasn't a zombie......So Justin, he lied to me. 
12:33 King Flurry51  How do you do that, Dawn? 
12:33 TylerWebkinzFangtg, someone else record, host, and sub lindsay 
12:33 LlewellynIsAwesome!k 
12:33 DerpyandDawnI can record 
12:34 King Flurry51Bye, Webkins 
12:34 DestructiveMilkshake(I can host, what is the challenge* 
12:34 LlewellynIsAwesome!Ive got Lindsay 
12:34 TylerWebkinzFanthanks guys 
12:34 Teamdarkfan4  So how do you guys think we can win this one? 
12:34 The not so happy userbye Tyler 
12:34 DerpyandDawn  : So.. who are our allies? 
12:34 Berryleafbye webby 
12:34 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : ooo! I wonder where we are going Tyson! 
12:34 TheEpicDestroyerBye Tyler 
12:34 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : The name is Tyler, Lindsay 
12:34 DerpyandDawn  : Most definately Samey! 
12:34 MirnishI AM HERE? 
12:34 Mirnish WHAT HAPPENED. 
12:34 Berryleaf  *looks out window* Wow, what an amazing view! 
12:34 King Flurry51  We need to work on the weak points of the Hawk, they're the best team so far. 
12:35 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : Really? 
12:35 The not so happy user  With teamwork, Samey. We lost last one baecasue Lightning was jerking around. Now we can win! 
12:35 SkyFanTDmirnish don't worry 
12:35 SkyFanTD we haven't started 
12:35 DestructiveMilkshake  *conf* *whines* 
12:35 SkyFanTDjust interactions 
12:35 RiMiEg007  : I say Tyler, Sky, Scarlett, and Anne Maria are definitely allies 
12:35 Cabbage pult 74  Wow, Bahamas. This is great. A place to rest. 
12:35 SkyFanTDwell technically we started but nothing important 
12:35 King Flurry51  I suggest to spread some spat around them, the problem is how. 
12:35 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : *sits next to Sky* Lindsay still doesn't know my name 
12:35 The not so happy user  Good idea, Noah. What did you observed? 
12:35 TheEpicDestroyer  Woah. Check it out guys. *looks out window* My uncle always tells me 'bout this place. Wow I love Bahnanas 

ShawnFan14 has joined the chat.

12:36 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : *laughs* is Lindsay really that dumb? 
12:36 SkyFanTD  wow really? 
12:36 ShawnFan14im back 
12:36 VeryUnknownFanHello 
12:36 ShawnFan14i can be justin now 
12:36 TheEpicDestroyerhello 
12:36 DestructiveMilkshakeHi Brady 
12:36 Berryleafhi brady 
12:36 DestructiveMilkshakek 
12:36 King Flurry51  The obvious conflict between Justin and Duncan, for example. 
12:36 Berryleafu were eliminated tho 
12:36 The not so happy user  Wait... Dawn can read their auras, Noah! 
12:36 DerpyandDawn  : Ugh, Why did you ally with Tyler and Sky? They are on the other team and use it against you! 
12:36 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : Yea, and don't say that about Lindsay, Dave! 
12:36 Cabbage pult 74  *conf.* Bahamas is awesome, except for the sharks, and the lack of places that sell hairspray. Thats the worse one. 
12:36 TheEpicDestroyerBerry, no he wasn't 
12:36 ShawnFan14justin was..ok nvm 
12:36 Berryleafi was kidding haha 
12:36 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : ok ok, sorry 
12:36 TheEpicDestroyer...k? 
12:36 Teamdarkfan4  Alright the Bahamas 
12:36 DerpyandDawnBe Justin 
12:37 DerpyandDawn you can 
12:37 Berryleaf  Bahamas! 
12:37 King Flurry51  did he tell you also about thewhite sharks, Scott? *smirks* 
12:37 Berryleafderpy is yoda 
12:37 Heozaki  ... 
12:37 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : *Conf* That was really mean of Dave 
12:37 ShawnFan14  The bahamas? I can get my tan...*winks at Anne Maria* 
12:37 RiMiEg007  : More friends is better than more enemies! We need all the help we can get. I mean, we are the strongest people here! 
12:37 Cabbage pult 74  So, Zoey, what you think of the place? 
12:37 TheEpicDestroyer  *kicks Noah in the num-yos* 
12:37 RiMiEg007  : *Conf* So I was buttering Courtney up! How else was I gonna convince her? 
12:37 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : *Conf* Well, Lindsay is really dumb, she forgot Tyler's name *laughs* 
12:37 The not so happy user  Hey, no arguing or no fights! We need to win being a team! Forgive yourselves! 
12:38 Mirnish  : What are you doing Scott!? With that idiotic attitude we aren't going to win this challenge! 
12:38 King Flurry51  auuuuch!! Hey, it was a legit question... 
12:38 VeryUnknownFan  : It is nice. I can use a tan. I am extremely pale 
12:38 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : anyways, so Skt. I see you and Duncan are starting to bond? 
12:38 LlewellynIsAwesome! *Sky 
12:38 Mirnish  : *conf* Well... that was mean from my part... She is a nice girl and stuff but... 
12:38 DerpyandDawn  : *Blushes* Well.. Atleast your logical. Sorry that I am so perfect, It is something that I can't stop from doing 
12:38 TheEpicDestroyer  Auuuuuch!! ? That's the sound a... s-shark makes 
12:38 Berryleaf  Welcome to...THE BAHAMAS! 
12:39 Cabbage pult 74  *conf.* Hey, Justin can be a good allie, but, the conflicto with Duncan makes him...well, not useless, but, he is...well, how do you say dumb in Bahamian? 
12:39 RiMiEg007  : Oh yeah! You're perfect all right! 
12:39 TheEpicDestroyer  You mean Bananas 
12:39 The not so happy user  *conf*maybe I can be annoying with this, but I believe that a good teamwork, can beat all the losers. 
12:39 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : OOH YAY. wait what is the Bahamas? 
12:39 SkyFanTD  yeah you know as friends 
12:39 DestructiveMilkshakebrb, gotta find my mouse 
12:39 Mirnish  : *Walks towards Dave* So you are up with our plans right? *both whispers*  : That is a great idea... *smies* 
12:39 King Flurry51  *with ice between the legs* no, a shark does this sound..Amy, can you roar, please? 
12:39 Mirnish*smiles 
12:39 Heozaki  It's this place, Lindsay 
12:39 ShawnFan14Justin: *Confessional* What? I winked at Anne Maria....okay so I like her. I gotta make her my girlfriend. 
12:39 Berryleafooc: guys i dont know the challenge 
12:39 SkyFanTD  *conf* does Duncan like me? 
12:39 The not so happy user  The Bahamas? Important information about it, noah? 
12:39 King Flurry51  Sharkphobia will pawn us, sure 
12:40 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : So Sadie, are you still targetting Bridgette? 
12:40 Teamdarkfan4  *Conf* I heard about this place before , it seems fantastic 
12:40 Mirnish  : I would scold his dirt farm boy butt! But I am not going to waste my time, or maybe our time! 
12:40 LlewellynIsAwesome!*tergeting 
12:40 LlewellynIsAwesome! *targeting 
12:40 VeryUnknownFan  : What is the challenge Chris? I hope it involves indie Bahamian music 
12:40 Berryleaf  What? 
12:40 Berryleaf  What? 
12:40 DestructiveMilkshakeback 
12:40 King Flurry51  Unless Scott paints himself all in White.. 
12:40 Berryleafoops 
12:40 DerpyandDawn  : *Smiles* Well first lets go. 
12:40 Mirnish  : *Shocked* Obviously I am not doing that! 
12:40 The not so happy user  Chris, don't open the trap this time! 
12:40 Berryleaf  *stares at sadie* 
12:40 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : Oh, sorry. Must have been a dream 
12:40 DestructiveMilkshake  PASSENGERS! 
12:40 Cabbage pult 74  Can we rest on the beach? 
12:40 ShawnFan14  I bet it involves the beautifulness of the Bahamas. That includes me. And *looks at Anne Maria* you. 
12:41 TheEpicDestroyer  White? That's the color of... s-sharks. *screams* *runs* *trips* *accidentaly crashes into Noah and accidentaly injures his num-yos again* 
12:41 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : *Conf* Sadie is either lying, or I'm sick 
12:41 RiMiEg007  : *Conf* I should butter Courtney up more often. She's less annoying in a good mood! 
12:41 Mirnish  : Oh the Bahamas! A niceful place with many nice people that makes you feel nice! 
12:41 DestructiveMilkshake  Run a lap around the island! GO! 
12:41 King Flurry51  Idiot! Sharks are terrifiyed by White! 
12:41 Teamdarkfan4  *runs* 
12:41 The not so happy user  No! You know I'm going to put a Copy Right on mt AAAAAHH X 9 if you still open the trap? 
12:41 RiMiEg007  : *starts running* 
12:41 ShawnFan14  *starts running* 
12:41 Mirnish  : *conf* I am obviously lying, he doesn't needs to know about my plans! 
12:41 TheEpicDestroyer#GodplayingJustSaying 
12:41 Berryleaf  *runs* Wow, lots of running so far 
12:41 Mirnish  : *runs* 
12:41 TheEpicDestroyer  *runs* 
12:41 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : Running? *runs* 
12:41 Cabbage pult 74  *conf.* Well, Justin is...he needs to change. 
12:41 Cabbage pult 74 *runa* 
12:41 TheEpicDestroyer  Gotta win for once 
12:41 Mirnish  : *Runs* 
12:41 Heozaki  *running* 
12:41 The not so happy user  *runs* Let's go team! Keep the rythm! 
12:41 DerpyandDawn  : *Runs* 
12:41 King Flurry51  *starts running, limping sometimes for the double injure in the zone of the crotch* 
12:41 SkyFanTD  *runs* 
12:42 DerpyandDawn  : *Runs* 
12:42 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : *runs* Tyler, can you carry me again! 
12:42 Mirnish  : *Runs* MOVE! MOVE! MOOOOOOOVE! 
12:42 TheEpicDestroyer  *pulls off shoelace* I'll save this bad boy for later 
12:42 SkyFanTD  wow this is a nice beach 
12:42 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : sure Lindsay *puts Lindsay on his back* 
12:42 RiMiEg007  : Man! That water looks nice! 
12:42 Cabbage pult 74  Running? This is lame? We aren't kids running to a mechanical game in Disney World. 
12:42 Mirnish  : *Runs and screams* Sky, watch out with that brench on your feet... *runs and grabs her, avoiding that she falls into the ground* 
12:42 The not so happy user  Wow, that doesn't look Chrissy at all. No traps, no mutant animals and no explosions? 
12:42 VeryUnknownFan  : *starts running* COME ON team. We can do it. WOOOO HOOOOO 
12:42 Berryleaf  Is it a surfing challenge? 
12:42 King Flurry51  confessional: WHY IT HAS ALWAYS TO BE A RUN? 
12:42 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : *continues running* 
12:42 Teamdarkfan4  Alright we can do this if we watch ourselves while running 
12:42 TheEpicDestroyer  *tosses shoelace on the ground* *trips Zoey* 
12:42 Mirnish  : *Runs* T-This is... beautiful... *cries* 
12:43 ShawnFan14  *runs some more, while getting a bit tired* 
12:43 Berryleaf  *runs up to noah* Hey Noah, how are you doing? 
12:43 Mirnish  : *Keeps running, meanwhile he releases what he did* 
12:43 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : This is really nice 
12:43 The not so happy user  Noah, don't worry, we can win pushing the other teams giys! 
12:43 RiMiEg007  : *takes the lead* 
12:43 Cabbage pult 74  Come on Justin! We need to win! 
12:43 VeryUnknownFan  : *trips, and gets back up* I WILL GET YOU SCOTT 
12:43 King Flurry51  *trips into a scallop* judge by this. 
12:43 Mirnish  : *Heavy breathing* This... is... so... tiring... *keeps running* 
12:43 The not so happy user  *throws a coconut to Duncan* 
12:43 DerpyandDawn  : *Mimmicks Sky* "WOW THIS IS A NICE BEACH" Oh please! I have seen better. (CONF: I don't know what about Sky just annoys me... But she does!) 
12:43 RiMiEg007  : *ducks* 
12:43 ShawnFan14  I'm trying here. *runs along with Anne Maria* 
12:43 Mirnish  : Get away loser! *Pushes Duncan, them both fall into the ground* 
12:44 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : You can do it Sadie, think that there is cake on the other side of the Island! 
12:44 TheEpicDestroyer  *runs* *screams like a girl* I just dropped it! I didn't know who was gonna trip. Not Zoey. You're terrifying Mamma, help me! *runs* 
12:44 SkyFanTD  uh okay Courtney 
12:44 Mirnish*THEN 
12:44 VeryUnknownFan  : *catches up, and continues to run.* I am so close to him *runs behind Scott, and kicks him* 
12:44 Teamdarkfan4  I hope he is ok 

SteelWolf has joined the chat.

12:44 King Flurry51  *throws the scallop like a frisbee and hits the crotch of Justin* oops. 
12:44 Cabbage pult 74  Well, hurry up, and Zoey, tackle Scott! 
12:44 RiMiEg007  : *Conf* Who threw a coconut at me? 
12:44 The not so happy user  *gets Amy up, and they run* 
12:44 SkyFanTD  *conf* I wonder what her problem is with me? 
12:44 DestructiveMilkshakewb rj 
12:44 Berryleaf  That wasn't very nice Courtney 
12:44 VeryUnknownFan  : *confessional* That was not nice, but...... he deserved it 
12:44 Mirnish  : *Runs* Thanks Trent! This is teamwork! 
12:44 The not so happy user  It was Justin, Duncan! 
12:44 RiMiEg007  : *crosses finish line*\ 
12:44 SteelWolfWhats challenge 
12:44 SkyFanTDwait for it 
12:44 Teamdarkfan4Shrek :: He's just a DOnkay 
12:44 TheEpicDestroyer  *kicked in the air* AHHHHHH *bird sh**s on him while he's in the air* 
12:44 SteelWolf  *crosses* 
12:44 Teamdarkfan4jk 
12:44 Heozaki  *crosses* 
12:44 VeryUnknownFan(OOC): That was too quick 
12:44 Berryleaf  *crosses the finish line* 
12:44 SkyFanTDdon't worry 
12:44 Mirnish  : *runs and trips next to Sky* Help... me... 
12:44 SkyFanTDvuf 
12:44 The not so happy user  *crosses* 
12:44 SteelWolf  I was UTR this ep 
12:44 Cabbage pult 74  *crosses* 

LucinaFTW has joined the chat.

12:45 TheEpicDestroyer  *crosses from the air pushing him far* 
12:45 King Flurry51  *keeps running panting* 
12:45 ShawnFan14  *stops* I never had a coconut, Mr. Nine obession. That was you. *crosses finish line* 
12:45 VeryUnknownFan  : *crosses finish line* That was a struggle. 
12:45 Teamdarkfan4  *crosses* 
12:45 Mirnish  : *Crosses behind Trent and Samey* 
12:45 SkyFanTD  *helps up Dave* "are you okay? 
12:45 The not so happy user  *crosses* 
12:45 DestructiveMilkshake  Hurry up! 
12:45 Mirnish  : Oh... oh... *faints and starts to get up again* 
12:45 LlewellynIsAwesome!  *heavy breathing* walks next too Dave and Sky. Im so tired 
12:45 RiMiEg007  : Justin! *tackles Justin and knocks a tooth out* That's for the coconut! 
12:45 SkyFanTD  *runs with Dave* *crosses finish line 
12:45 Cabbage pult 74  Come on, Hawks! 
12:45 The not so happy user  Noah, Scott! Hurry up! 
12:45 Mirnish  : Yes I am fine! Thanks... S-S-Sky! *Crosses with Sky* 
12:45 LucinaFTWi hope a man gets voted off 
12:45 Heozaki  Dude! That was totally not needed. 
12:45 TheEpicDestroyerAlready crossed 
12:45 TheEpicDestroyer Scott already crossed 
12:45 ShawnFan14  *falls to ground* Dude! That was Trent. Not me. *rolls eyes* 
12:45 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : *crosses with Lindsay and falls over* Im so tired 
12:45 TheEpicDestroyerIt says above 
12:45 Mirnish  : *Keeps struggling* Oh my god... I am so tired.. 
12:45 King Flurry51  *runs the fast he can and finally arrives, almost fainting* 
12:45 Cabbage pult 74  Duncan! Justin is from our team! 
12:46 Berryleaf  Noah, are you okay? 
12:46 RiMiEg007  : He threw a coconut at me! 
12:46 DerpyandDawn  : *to Bridgette* Hey, Bridgette. We haven't talked for a long time, What's up. 
12:46 SkyFanTD  *smiles "great job Dave! 
12:46 ShawnFan14  *gets up* Well, good work Zoey! And, you too, Anne Maria. 
12:46 TheEpicDestroyer  You're late, egghead. *to Noah* 
12:46 DestructiveMilkshake  It seems everyone has crossed! Time for your reward... 
12:46 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : Thanks Tyson 
12:46 LucinaFTWjustin to go next 
12:46 Mirnish  : *Keeps running and she crosses, then she faints* I damn you heat! AND DAMN YOU OTHER TEAMS! 
12:46 Berryleaf  Hey Courtney! Too bad what Duncan did to you 
12:46 Cabbage pult 74  Oh, thanks. *conf.* Maybe Justin can join us, maybe... 
12:46 ShawnFan14  For the last time, it was Trent. Not me. Learn the truth. *glares* 
12:46 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : Its Tyler! *Falls over* im too tired 
12:46 The not so happy user  Wait...It was a pre-challenge? 
12:46 DestructiveMilkshake  Everyone gets a gourmet meal! 
12:46 Mirnish  : *blushes* T-Thanks Sky, y-y-y-you d-d-d-d-d-diiii... you did great too... *smiles to her* 
12:46 RiMiEg007  : SWEET! 
12:46 Teamdarkfan4  YAY! 
12:46 DestructiveMilkshake  Courtesy of not Chef! 
12:47 RiMiEg007  : EVEN BETTER! 
12:47 Berryleaf  Wow, real food! 
12:47 The not so happy user  Yeah, that's good! 
12:47 Mirnish(*FOOD 
12:47 TheEpicDestroyer  Aww. Not a Chef meal? 
12:47 Teamdarkfan4OOC : #ScubaBearFood 
12:47 DestructiveMilkshake  *the meal rolls in on table* ENJOY! 
12:47 LucinaFTWyay for bad jokes 
12:47 King Flurry51  I dare you to run after your crotch got damaged twice in a row. *launches a spiky scallop against the low zone of Scott* 
12:47 TheEpicDestroyer  *shrugs* 
12:47 Cabbage pult 74  Yeah! Lets go! 
12:47 ShawnFan14  I can tell it may be bad, but it sounds so good! 
12:47 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : Wait, FOOD? 
12:47 DestructiveMilkshake  For now... 
12:47 Mirnish  : Yes! FINALLY FOOD! 
12:47 SkyFanTD  *conf* I think Dave has finally forgiven me 
12:47 TheEpicDestroyer  YOWCH 
12:47 Berryleaf  *sits down* 
12:47 Cabbage pult 74  Umm, and why is that? 
12:47 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : *starts to eat* I missed you Pizza 
12:47 Teamdarkfan4  *starts eating* 
12:47 VeryUnknownFan  : YAY *pushes others to stuff food in her mouth* How heavenly 
12:47 SkyFanTD  oooh I could eat, 
12:47 DestructiveMilkshake  Oh, no reason... 
12:47 DerpyandDawn  : Eh, Duncan is... okay. But I am no longer interested in him... At all. *Puts head up high and starts eating* 
12:47 RiMiEg007  : *takes a fat juicy Ribeye Steak and puts it on a plate* Oh boy! 
12:47 TheEpicDestroyer  *tackles Noah* *too weak to fight* 
12:47 Berryleaf  *eats a salad* 
12:47 Cabbage pult 74  I better not eat, I will go to the beach. 
12:47 Mirnish  : *Grins at the food* THIS IS MINE! *Runs and gets many food as she can, pushing Amy, and she starts to eat* 
12:47 SkyFanTD  wait is this poisoned? or fake? 
12:47 RiMiEg007  : *eats the steak* 
12:48 RiMiEg007  : It's real! 
12:48 VeryUnknownFan  : *starts to choke on food* 
12:48 King Flurry51  *goes to the bouffet* Uhm...don't trust much this pri<e, but whatever, it's real food , this. 
12:48 Berryleaf  I bet he put sedatives in the food! 
12:48 RiMiEg007  : Oh! Fat Cakes! 
12:48 DestructiveMilkshake  *sees Zoey* LOL 
12:48 Heozaki  *eats* Food is food! 
12:48 Mirnish  : *Doesn't cares, gets up and grabs as many food as she can, then she seats down* This... is just not Chris-like... I deny to EAT THIS FOOD! 
12:48 SkyFanTD  Chris would never just give us this delicious food, but whatever *begins to eat 
12:48 The not so happy user  *eats a hamburger* Hmmm. Holly Heavens! It tasted good! Good X 9! 
12:48 Teamdarkfan4  *stops eating* Uh Zoey? 
12:48 RiMiEg007  : *starts eating Fat Cakes* 
12:48 DerpyandDawn  : Hmmm... (CONF: Chris being generous? That is NOT in his aura I am NOT taking the risk of eating.) Mhmm... 
12:48 ShawnFan14  *starts eating a burger* Oh my gosh. Actual meat, actual food. Actual tastiness. Wait Anne Maria, you want some of the food? *shows a chicken tender* 
12:48 LucinaFTWi hope trent goes soon 
12:48 DestructiveMilkshake  I can say right now that the food is not poisoned 
12:48 Berryleaf  Wait a second guys! 
12:48 TheEpicDestroyer  *picks up a burger* *dips it in mud* 
12:48 DestructiveMilkshake  For reals 
12:48 TheEpicDestroyer  *chews* 
12:48 Cabbage pult 74  *conf.* I f I want to be like Shakira, I better keep my figure good. 
12:48 TheEpicDestroyer  Deeeee-lich 
12:48 Berryleaf  Remember what happens when we eat good food? 
12:48 VeryUnknownFan  : *tries to heimlech herself, and starts to gag* 
12:48 Heozaki  Ummm...dude....why the dirt? 
12:48 Berryleaf  We get really tired 
12:49 DerpyandDawn  : *Tries to help Zoey* GUYS! SHE IS CHOKING! 
12:49 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : So Bridgette? 
12:49 TheEpicDestroyer  *laughs at Zoey* *sees her glaring* *restrains himself* 
12:49 King Flurry51  *gives just a small bite, despite he's really hungry and tempted* if Dawn doesn't touch everything, maybe it's better I don't do the same 
12:49 Berryleaf  Yeah? 
12:49 RiMiEg007  : Justin! If I were you, I'd try the Haggis! 
12:49 The not so happy user  Hmmmm. Delicious hamburgers. Get one Noah! 
12:49 Heozaki  *helps Zoey out* 
12:49 Mirnish  : Oh my god! *Runs to help Zoey* I should help? 
12:49 ShawnFan14  *Confessional* What am I doing that's not making Anne Maria attracted to me? I need to try harder. 
12:49 DestructiveMilkshake  You havea minute to finish the meal! 

SteelWolf has left the chat.

12:49 Teamdarkfan4  *starts eating again* 
12:49 SkyFanTD  good thing I haven't eaten much 
12:49 The not so happy user  WHAT?! 
12:49 Berryleaf  Hold on a second Tyler. *runs over to zoey* 
12:49 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : A MINUTE? 
12:49 LucinaFTWshawn should gets voted out next tbh 
12:49 DerpyandDawn  : *Zoey is no longer choking* Ugh, Your WELCOME. 
12:49 TheEpicDestroyer  Dave? With your skinny arms? You're skinner than my pet rooster. 

Heather11203333 has joined the chat.

12:49 DestructiveMilkshake  GO 
12:49 VeryUnknownFan  : *throws up food* Thanks you guys. All of you are so..... so friendly 
12:49 Mirnish  : *Finishes the food* FINALLY! *Burps like if it was Owen* 
12:49 SkyFanTD  *eats the food 
12:49 ShawnFan14  I'll eat what I want, thank you. *grabs french fries and dipping sauce* Yum, this is really good! 
12:49 The not so happy user  *starts eating izza slices* 
12:49 Berryleaf  An eating contest? 
12:49 King Flurry51  we need Owen 
12:49 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : *starts to eat as much as he can* 

SteelWolf has joined the chat.

12:49 TheEpicDestroyer  *eats quickly because he loves mud* 
12:49 Cabbage pult 74  Zoey, take this pill. 
12:49 VeryUnknownFan  : Is there a bottle of water anywhere? 
12:49 Berryleaf  *grabs a big bowl of salad and munches on the leaves* 
12:49 Heozaki  *eats a lot of food* 
12:50 Teamdarkfan4  This food is delicious 
12:50 SkyFanTDLucina please stop interrupting 
12:50 Mirnish  : *Starts to put many food on her mouth as she can* TDOW DADER DEASE! 
12:50 DerpyandDawn  : *Glares at Scott* Pfft loser. 
12:50 King Flurry51  *starts to eat swallowing* munch..gnom.. 
12:50 Teamdarkfan4  *eats more* 
12:50 SkyFanTD  *eats* done 
12:50 Cabbage pult 74  Scarlett, do you have more water from los Ángeles? 
12:50 RiMiEg007  : *eats some fried chicken with habanero sauce on it* Oh yeah! 
12:50 LucinaFTWi'm not 
12:50 DestructiveMilkshake  AND TIME! CHEF, TIME TO RETRIEVE THE FODO 
12:50 DestructiveMilkshake Fiz stfu 
12:50 SteelWolf  *hands water* 
12:50 The not so happy user  A man! We need to eat even desert? 
12:50 Berryleaf  *eats more salad* 
12:50 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : That was some great food 
12:50 LucinaFTWfodo <3 
12:50 Berryleaf  *eats more salad* 
12:50 Mirnish  : *Keeps eating* I am struggling... *gets the food down his throat* Ugh... I feel kind of sic. 
12:50 TheEpicDestroyer  You're one to talk, S.T.O.O.P.I.D. G.I.R.L. 
12:50 DestructiveMilkshake  *grabs food cart and walks away with it mumbling* 
12:50 TheEpicDestroyer @Courtney 
12:50 ShawnFan14  Anne Maria, do you wanna---*interrupted by Chris* Nevermind. But hey, that was some good food for once at least. 
12:51 King Flurry51  *almost chokes due to a fish lisk* K-K! 
12:51 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : BYE KEF 
12:51 TheEpicDestroyer  I don't feel a thing. Dirt is a delicacy 
12:51 DestructiveMilkshake  Now, for the second part of the challenge. 
12:51 TheEpicDestroyer  Enjoy your meals, chumps 
12:51 Mirnish  : *Spits all of her food over the table and goes to help Noah, she punches him on the stomach* 
12:51 DestructiveMilkshake  Isn't this fun? 
12:51 Berryleaf  Wasn't that the second part? 
12:51 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : Wait eating wasn't that challenge? 
12:51 The not so happy user  oh, s there was the trap... 
12:51 RiMiEg007  : So far 
12:51 ShawnFan14  Another part? How many parts are there in this challenge? 
12:51 RiMiEg007  : Yeah 
12:51 TheEpicDestroyer  Yep. More please. *sticks out clean tongue* 
12:51 DerpyandDawn  : *Scoffs* I hope I don't have worms after we kissed. 
12:51 Teamdarkfan4  Theres an obvious catch..................... 
12:51 Cabbage pult 74  *conf.* Well, I gave an antidote to Zoey, cause, he always poisons the food. The problem is that it has a secondary effect. 
12:51 SkyFanTD  oh so this wasn't the challenge? 
12:51 Mirnish  : Hope you're okay! OR YOU WILL BE OUT! *Grins* 
12:51 Mirnish  : *Smiles* Joking! *Punches him on the arm and laughs* 
12:51 DestructiveMilkshake  Your challenge is to stay away ala the awakeathon in season 1. You will do it on this luxurious tiny deserted island! 
12:52 SteelWolf  I always knew there was a twist by reading Chris, thus I didn't eat 
12:52 TheEpicDestroyer  Oh yeah, Courtney? I hope I don't have clean breath because your prettiness is too clean. Ha. I just burned you, sucker 
12:52 King Flurry51  KOUGH! Pant..thank you..Amy..I thought you were a selfish clone of Heather, but, wow, what you just did was the opposite. 
12:52 The not so happy user  Dah, for REAL?! 
12:52 Berryleaf  Called it! 
12:52 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : OH COME ON 
12:52 RiMiEg007  : *to Courtney* How could you date that nub? 
12:52 DestructiveMilkshake*nothin is on the island but a palm tree* 
12:52 Teamdarkfan4  Thats just great 
12:52 VeryUnknownFan  : Stay away? Or Awake 
12:52 DestructiveMilkshake===SMALL DESERTED ISLAND=== 
12:52 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : *Conf* I think I can win this challenge 
12:52 Berryleaf  Luckily I ate salad, and not those meats. 
12:52 ShawnFan14  Sleeping on a deserted island....maybe getting a tan...hanging out with you, Anne Maria. 
12:52 Mirnish  : Tiny... deserted? Being like this can kills us... 
12:52 Berryleaf  Those meats will put you right to sleep 
12:52 DestructiveMilkshake  AWAKE. Now, I think it's time to leave yall for now. See ya! *goes off of island on boat* 
12:53 The not so happy user  Ok guys, nobody shut you eyes 
12:53 Heozaki  Conf: Okay, man, this smells like Chris trying to torture us all over again season! 
12:53 Mirnish  : I will just stay here and try to sabotage this idiots! *Lays down on a rock and then she shut her eyes at the moment* 
12:53 The not so happy user  Talking to my team, of course 
12:53 ShawnFan14  Okay team, we really need to make sure that we stay awake. 

Heather11203333 has left the chat.

12:53 Berryleaf  CONF: Last time we did this I was the second one asleep. I need to step up my game this time and win for my team! 
12:53 RiMiEg007  : Wait! So we just have to stay awake? Sounds easy enough! How hard could it be? 
12:53 King Flurry51  Conf: I didn't eat much compared to the Others, maybe this will advantage me a little. 
12:53 Teamdarkfan4  Alright , how could we stay awake 
12:53 VeryUnknownFan  : If we sing, than we will stay awake longer. *starts to sing* Yesterday...... All my troubles seem so far away* 
12:53 Mirnish  : We can stay awake with anything we can! ESPECIALLY IF WE SCREAM! A LOOOOOOT! 
12:53 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : I ate so much turkey *falls asleep straight away, snoring* 
12:53 Berryleaf  Screaming will tire you out too 
12:53 RiMiEg007  : Whoever is screaming... SHUT UP! 
12:53 SteelWolf  *splashing water on face* Ah.. 
12:53 Cabbage pult 74  *conf.* Now Scarlett told me that the effect of the pill is a lot of farts, this is not good. 
12:54 VeryUnknownFan  : Now it looks as though they're here to stay. Oh I believe in yesterday 
12:54 TheEpicDestroyer  Pfft. Food didn't affect me and Zoey kicked me into oblivion so I ain't even tired. This'll be a synch. I've stayed up long hours at the farm herding sheep. This'll be easy 
12:54 Mirnish  : I WOOOOONT! 
12:54 ShawnFan14  Singing? That's not really my thing. Showing my good looks, is my thing. *winks at Anne Maria* 
12:54 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : and Lindsay's out already 
12:54 RiMiEg007  : This is easy guys! A challenge that isn't life threatening! I'm gonna take a walk! 
12:54 King Flurry51  We can read a book,I Always do that at nightime! And at morning time, and at noon time, and at..nevermind 
12:54 DerpyandDawn  : Hmm... As I suspected. The rest of you should not be this gullible. 
12:54 Mirnish  : *Just laying down on the beach with the water on his feet* Oh men... thish ish gonna be hard... 
12:54 Berryleaf  Dawn, it looks like you have some bags under your eyes 
12:54 Cabbage pult 74  Wow, you like me? Better try better babe. 
12:54 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : This will be hard Dave 
12:54 DerpyandDawn  : *Yawn* Duncan, Want to talk. 
12:54 The not so happy user  Amy, what if you show us your newest coreography? You can help as make it, phsysicall activity will make us still awake! 
12:55 RiMiEg007  : Walk and talk 
12:55 Berryleaf*the sun sets* 
12:55 DerpyandDawn  : These? Oh I normally have these. 
12:55 King Flurry51  COREOGRAPHY? Oh, no... 
12:55 TheEpicDestroyer  *whistles to himself* 
12:55 SkyFanTD  Im going to go out on the beach for a jog 
12:55 The not so happy user  Same to you, Samey 
12:55 SteelWolf  *yawns* 
12:55 ShawnFan14  *Confessional* How could she tell I had a crush on her? *sighs* How can I do better? I'm trying to do my best... 
12:55 DestructiveMilkshakeFreddie Pm 
12:55 SkyFanTDk 
12:55 Berryleaf  It's the first night 
12:55 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : I'll join you Sky 
12:55 TheEpicDestroyer  Hmm.... 
12:55 Berryleaf  I'll come too. A brisk walk should wake up my muscles. 
12:55 Teamdarkfan4  Um....sure 
12:56 Cabbage pult 74  I need my beauaty sleep. This isn't good, I must stay awake. 
12:56 Mirnish  : Obviously I am going to... *Starts to dance* And you this like this... *puts her hands over the head* And then you go like this... *puts her hand on front of her* And then you jump to your right and scream: "MACARENA"! 
12:56 Heozaki  Survival Stories wouldn't be so bad 
12:56 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : *Conf* I could learn some stuff from Sky. Like athlete type stuff 
12:56 The not so happy user  Uh, I changed my idea... 
12:56 SteelWolf  No Shawn.. 
12:56 King Flurry51  *yawns* nice... 
12:56 SteelWolf  I have an idea 
12:56 Mirnish  : *Starts to do the dance* EEEEEEH! MACARENA! *Grins at the others* DO. IT. 
12:56 TheEpicDestroyer  *walks to Shawn* Hey, Shawn. You know zombies? If you stay awake, you'll be easy to spot by them since they can see you moving. If you're asleep though, you can blend in. 
12:56 Berryleaf  Uh guys, is Sadie sleeping? 
12:56 The not so happy user  Noah, don't fall asleep! 
12:56 SteelWolf  Team put this bracelet on 
12:56 ShawnFan14  Anne Maria, you already have beauty without sleep. *Confessional* *facepalms* Why did I say that? It sounded good in my head....not out loud. 
12:56 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : What? So both Lindsay and Sadie are sleeping? 
12:56 Teamdarkfan4  *starts doing it* 
12:56 VeryUnknownFan  : Why.... Mike, had to go, I don't know, he wouldn't say..... I said, something wrong now I long for yesterday 
12:56 Cabbage pult 74  I have one, once there was a zombie, and it died. The end. 
12:56 Heozaki  Good to know, man; thing is, I'm not tired. 
12:56 SteelWolf  If you feel sleepy just press the button and it will shock you 
12:56 King Flurry51  With this boredom? I find that hard. 
12:57 Berryleaf  Lindsay is too? 
12:57 TheEpicDestroyer  Snap out of it Noah! *kicks him in the num-yos to wake him up* 
12:57 RiMiEg007  : So Courtney! How... no... why did you date Scott? The guy is... well... disgusting! 
12:57 TheEpicDestroyer  That should do it 
12:57 Mirnish  : *Yawning* Stay away or I will vote you out... *talking meanwhile she is dreaming* 
12:57 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : yep 
12:57 TheEpicDestroyer  You guys are welcome 
12:57 The not so happy user  I have good news, Noah 
12:57 DerpyandDawn  : *Glares at Scott* That is NOT true! Stop trying to cheat you malevolent farmer! 
12:57 VeryUnknownFan  : *sees Scott speaking to Shawn, causing her to walk over to him* What did he say to you? 
12:57 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : *Conf* was Sadie talking to me 
12:57 King Flurry51  yeouch! Thanks, Scott, next time I'll wake up you with a shark. 
12:57 Berryleaf  It's the first night and the score is 7-6-4 
12:57 Mirnish  : *Talking* Bridgette you are SO OUT! *Yawns and starts to droll* 
12:57 DestructiveMilkshakeBerry you are not the host 
12:57 DestructiveMilkshake  
12:57 TheEpicDestroyerWho is Zoey speaking to with "him" ? Scott or Shawn? 
12:57 VeryUnknownFanShawn. Scott left 
12:57 ShawnFan14  *goes to Scarlett* So you were talking about this button that you can press to shock you? 
12:58 Berryleafmilk u weren't doing anything 
12:58 TheEpicDestroyerWe should do the order of sleep randomized 
12:58 TheEpicDestroyer Otherwise... 
12:58 DestructiveMilkshakechris left the island... 
12:58 Berryleaf  What? 
12:58 TheEpicDestroyergodplaying happens 
12:58 SteelWolf  Yes. 
12:58 Cabbage pult 74  Well, let me try. *gets shocked* Wow, my hair is intact, now I know that I must apply more that 29 can of hairspray at a day. 
12:58 Mirnish  : *Keep dancing* Trent aren't you going to dance!? *Screams* MACARENA! 
12:58 King Flurry51no, Epic 
12:58 Berryleaf^^^^^^^^^^ @flurry 
12:58 LlewellynIsAwesome!Lindsay and Sadie are already asleep lol 
12:58 DestructiveMilkshake^@epic 
12:58 Berryleafno randomize 
12:58 TheEpicDestroyerHow can the challenge even end? As if anyone else is going to willingly fall asleep 
12:58 The not so happy user  Ok, ok, let's still with it. 
12:58 DestructiveMilkshakethen they won't be included in the randomizer 
12:58 SkyFanTDwait guys Lindsay and Sadie are already asleep 
12:58 DerpyandDawn  : Well... Scott was... Er... Flattering for a little bit... But he was kinda disgusting. 
12:58 Teamdarkfan4  This will keep us active 
12:58 DestructiveMilkshakesimple as that 
12:58 Berryleafno randomize 
12:58 King Flurry51  Macarena, really?Physical activites makes me bored and asleep. 
12:59 RiMiEg007  : Tell me about it! The guy eats dirt! 
12:59 TheEpicDestroyerBerry I sense godplaying 
12:59 Teamdarkfan4  You could always read a book Noah 
12:59 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : Hey Sky 
12:59 SkyFanTD  *lays down "hey tyler do you want to chat" 
12:59 VeryUnknownFan  : *confessional* I knew that if we dance or moved a lot, it would only make us more tired 
12:59 ShawnFan14  *blushes at Anne Maria then stops* Wow, that's cool. So uh...uh...Anne Maria, you wanna hang out for now? *Confessional* Why am I having a hard time hitting on a girl? 
12:59 SkyFanTDlol 
12:59 Mirnish  : *Talking with Tyler* Then I was watching this show, and the guy got a kind of strange bacteria on a desert island and they cutted off his... *yawn* leg... 
12:59 Berryleafno randomize!!!! 
12:59 SkyFanTDwe are psychically linked 
12:59 TheEpicDestroyerHint hint 
12:59 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : ewwww Dave, why tell me that, and sure Sky 
12:59 King Flurry51  This is a nice suggestion, Samey. *starts to read* 
12:59 Heozaki  *plays with sand* Man.... 
1:00 Berryleaf  Guys, we're at a bit of a disadvantage 
1:00 TheEpicDestroyerThis episode: 10 hours long just saying 
1:00 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : um you do know Duncan likes you Sky, right? 
1:00 DerpyandDawn  : Yeah... I guess I was just having a hard time being alone... 
1:00 The not so happy user  Noah, I have good news... *while dancing* *wishpering* I threw Duncan a coconut and blamed Justin. Giess it is a start, 
1:00 TheEpicDestroyer  We're doing great, team. 
1:00 Mirnish  : *Starts to yawn again* It's hard... guys... *yawns again* It is because traumatic and disgusting events can cause nightmare and keep you... awake... *yawns* 
1:00 SkyFanTD  he does? wow I didn't know that 
1:00 SteelWolf  Hello Courtney. 
1:00 DestructiveMilkshakesomeone link me to tyler's wheel 
1:00 RiMiEg007  : Yeah... I know what you mean. 
1:00 LlewellynIsAwesome!ok well how about someone from the other team sleeps 
1:00 SkyFanTD  *lies down next to Dave 
1:00 LlewellynIsAwesome!since one team has two already out 
1:00 Berryleaf  *reading script* Hello, campers. I am here to read you some nursery rhymes to help you get to sleep 
1:00 Cabbage pult 74  *conf.* Justin, maybe you have lost your mojo in Action, but you seem good, now you must show me if you are a valuable player. 
1:00 King Flurry51  I did the same throwing a scallop to Justin and saying it was Duncan. 
1:00 TheEpicDestroyerSTOP BERRY 
1:00 DestructiveMilkshakethey just won't be included 
1:00 DestructiveMilkshake and berry STOP 
1:00 ShawnFan14  *yawns* No. I'm not going to sleep. I need to stay awake. 
1:01 DestructiveMilkshakeI have the wheel 
1:01 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : *sits on a rock* Seriously Chef? 
1:01 Berryleafoh for crying out loud 
1:01 VeryUnknownFan(OOC): It would be so cute if Anne and Justin fell asleep on one another 
1:01 King Flurry51lol 
1:01 SkyFanTD^ 
1:01 LlewellynIsAwesome!lol 
1:01 Berryleafthis isn't your wiki milk 
1:01 King Flurry51I agree 
1:01 TheEpicDestroyer  *opens pits to disgust teammates* *keeps them awake* 
1:01 ShawnFan14maybe it would @vuf 
1:01 Berryleafits freddie's 
1:01 SkyFanTDmilk I approve 
1:01 Mirnish  : *Hearing that Duncan likes Sky* Well... this may be good... *goes running for Sadie and sees her sleeping* Well... I guess I'll go wth Sky... *lays down next to Sky* Hello Sky. 
1:01 King Flurry51  Eww, Scott, we're already awake! 
1:01 SkyFanTDjust use the wheel 
1:01 TheEpicDestroyer@Berry It's not yours either. So quit hosting when no one asks you to 
1:01 TheEpicDestroyer  Juuust checking Noah 
1:02 BerryleafI'm just doing a chef addition 
1:02 Teamdarkfan4  .............................Ok 
1:02 TheEpicDestroyerWithout Chris' permission 
1:02 King Flurry51  Why don't you check the shark behind you? 
1:02 Mirnish  : *Keeps dancing meanwhile her legs are tired* MACARENA! 
1:02 DestructiveMilkshakeWho is asleep so far? 
1:02 DerpyandDawn  : Why do you have trouble *Yawns* Being alone? Your that.. cool guy who *Yawns* Just breaks the rules... and *Yawn* Doesn't worry about the consequences. 
1:02 TheEpicDestroyer  AH!! *sees there's no shark there* Oh very funny, Noah 
1:02 The not so happy user  *yawn* How's the table? Who felt asleep... 
1:02 SkyFanTD  *lies down under Daves arm unknowingly* *yawns 
1:02 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : *looks at Amy* ummm 
1:02 LlewellynIsAwesome! Lindsay and Sadie are asleep 
1:02 DestructiveMilkshakek 
1:03 King Flurry51  And the show has still to end properly.. *launches his book on the crotch of Scott* 
1:03 TheEpicDestroyer  Trent, stay awake, dude. Remember you placed third in that other sleepy challenge or whatever 
1:03 Teamdarkfan4  Amy , I think you might want to stop 
1:03 ShawnFan14  *yawns again* I gotta keep trying to ask out Anne Maria so I can keep asleep. 
1:03 RiMiEg007  : Hey! Cool guys still like to have girlfriends you know! And, I really don't understand why Gwen broke up with me! 
1:03 TheEpicDestroyer  *holds in scream* 
1:03 King Flurry51OOC: trent placed 7th 
1:03 SkyFanTD  Im so tired *rests head onto Dave* *yawns 
1:03 The not so happy user  Stop Amy. Scott, Dawn and Noah aren't doing it 
1:03 Mirnish  : *Pocks her in the face* Don't sleep! 
1:03 Berryleaf  Guys, who is awake? 
1:03 TheEpicDestroyer@Flurry No he didn't. 
1:03 Teamdarkfan4  *splashes water on face* 
1:03 TheEpicDestroyerHe was out, then Duncan, then Gwen won 
1:03 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : *yawns* I really don't like this challenge, why Chris? Why? 
1:03 VeryUnknownFan  : *starts taking to herself* I wish I had a friend here. Shawn could care less about teamwork, Anne Maria and Justin are going to hook up, and Duncan and Courtney are always running off. Gwen and Cameron would not seclude me like this 
1:03 Mirnish  : Oh well! This is all... *stops dancing and goes to the beach* 
1:03 DestructiveMilkshake  *at studio* I put some sedatives in some of their food, I wonder who ate them... 
1:04 Berryleafooc: Freddie do you mind if I put chef in 
1:04 DestructiveMilkshake*Amy, Courtney, and Scarlett are asleep from the sedatives* 
1:04 SkyFanTDjust leave chef out for now berry 
1:04 Berryleafok 
1:04 ShawnFan14  *goes to Anne Maria* Anne Maria, I was wondering, if you'd....*gets a little nervous*....go out with me? 
1:04 SteelWolf  *quietly sitting* 
1:04 The not so happy user  *yawn* Oh, team! We lost Amy... 
1:04 King Flurry51  *yaawn*, let's speak, how goes with Gwen? Did you return to get with her? 
1:04 Teamdarkfan4  Well darn 
1:04 Berryleafthx for not yelling about it like some people do 
1:04 Cabbage pult 74  *conf.* I can't hook up to Justin, he is so similar to Vito, and well... 
1:04 Berryleaf@freddie 
1:04 DerpyandDawn  : *Yawns* I am so... tired... g-good night. *Falls asleep* 
1:05 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : well there goes Courtney 
1:05 SkyFanTD  *eyes begin to shut "NO" 
1:05 Berryleaf  Guys we need to win this 
1:05 RiMiEg007  : No! Courtney! Stay up! 
1:05 ShawnFan14  So, is it a yes, or a no....Anne Maria? 
1:05 RiMiEg007  : Ugh! 
1:05 TheEpicDestroyer  *smirks at Courtney's misfortune* 
1:05 Berryleaf  NO SKY 
1:05 Heozaki  We're losing people! 
1:05 Cabbage pult 74  Well, my answer is...*falls asleep* 
1:05 SteelWolf  *falls asleep* 
1:05 Mirnish  : *Goes back to her team* Stop paranoing, we should start to tell scary histories. 
1:05 Berryleaf*splashes water on sky's face* 
1:05 Teamdarkfan4  ok Amy 
1:05 TheEpicDestroyer#Godplaying 
1:05 Berryleaf  Sorry 
1:05 Berryleaf  Sorry 
1:05 TheEpicDestroyer@Berry 
1:05 King Flurry51  Scott can tell us the story of his life. 
1:05 DerpyandDawn 
1:05 VeryUnknownFan  : *starts to cry from loneliness, and falls asleep* 
1:05 DerpyandDawnOMG 
1:05 Berryleafits not godplaying 
1:05 TheEpicDestroyerYou can't splash water out of nowhere 
1:05 The not so happy user  I...Well, Noah, I got over it, because he went with Duncan. But I already love soebody on the competition... 
1:05 ShawnFan14  *yawns* No, Anne Maria, please wake up! I need an answe--*falls to the ground asleep* 
1:05 Mirnish  : *Starts to shut his eyes too, meanwhile his arm is over Sky* S-Sky... stay awake... 
1:05 RiMiEg007  : *drinking coffee* Must stay up* 
1:05 BerryleafThey're on a island 
1:05 SkyFanTD  AAAAAHH whoa what was that for! 
1:05 Berryleaf  Sorry 
1:05 HeozakiOkay 
1:05 DerpyandDawnThey are? 
1:05 HeozakiShe's asleep 
1:06 Teamdarkfan4Heo 
1:06 SkyFanTDdo you like it derpy 
1:06 TylerWebkinzFanback 
1:06 HeozakiShe's out xD 
1:06 Teamdarkfan4Bama 
1:06 DestructiveMilkshake*Dawn, Sky, Anne, and Justin have fallen asleep* 
1:06 Berryleaf  Just wanted to keep you awake 
1:06 SkyFanTDI made it 
1:06 VeryUnknownFanDoesn't count. She already fell asleep, losing them a point 
1:06 TheEpicDestroyerBut it never happened in The Big Sleep. It means you want to keep your entire team awake 
1:06 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : stay awake Sky 
1:06 SkyFanTD  *falls asleep on Dave 
1:06 SteelWolfAnd Scarlett 
1:06 Teamdarkfan4  More people are sleeping 
1:06 TylerWebkinzFanis Lindsay awake 
1:06 TheEpicDestroyerNo more water. Godplaying 
1:06 King Flurry51  So, who's gonna tell an horror tale? 
1:06 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : And she doesn't listen *yawns* 
1:06 Mirnish  : *Sees her falling asleep* She is so beautiful... *smiles* 
1:06 DestructiveMilkshakethese are the new people who have fallen asleep 
1:06 TheEpicDestroyerIsn't godplaying something that disqualifies people? 
1:06 Heozaki  So, Duncan..... 
1:06 The not so happy user 
1:06 DestructiveMilkshakein 4 minutes the next 4 out will be revealed 
1:06 Berryleafomg epic shove a sock in it 
1:06 SteelWolfIt's only Shawn and Duncan left for Hawks I think 
1:06 VeryUnknownFanZoey fell asleep 
1:06 LlewellynIsAwesome!Milkie who are left? 
1:06 Mirnish  : I don't know maybe... tell a history ABOUT SHARKS! *On Scott's face* 
1:06 RiMiEg007  : *goes up to the coffee stand and orders 12 cups of espresso* Need to stay awake! 
1:06 TylerWebkinzFanis Lindsay awake or asleep 
1:07 Berryleaf  I can't stay awake any longer 
1:07 LlewellynIsAwesome!asleep 
1:07 DerpyandDawnwhats a reasonable explanation for dawn going to sleep? 
1:07 VeryUnknownFanLindsay was the first to sleep 
1:07 TheEpicDestroyer@Berry That's a little... harsh. I'm just pointing out how it's not fair what you're doing and you insult me? 
1:07 TylerWebkinzFanwhy  
1:07 Mirnish(We we'rent on a DESERT island?) 
1:07 DerpyandDawnshe did not eat any food 
1:07 SkyFanTDmother nature tells her 
1:07 King Flurry51  Alright, once upon a time there was a farmer guy that went to Bahamas for an Holiday.. 
1:07 SkyFanTDor something 
1:07 TheEpicDestroyerTelling me to put a sock in it? 
1:07 Berryleafepic you've been whining about every line i've said 
1:07 The not so happy user  Ok, begin for the pure terror 
1:07 VeryUnknownFanJust ignore it Epic 
1:07 Berryleafit's kinda annoying 
1:07 Berryleaf  *falls asleep* 
1:07 Heozaki  How is that even possible @Duncan? 
1:07 LucinaFTWthis takes 4ever 
1:07 Heozaki  *Yawns* 
1:07 Mirnish  : Well... there was a long time ago an old fisher that liked to go on the night to a desert island! 
1:07 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : so all we have to do it look at the ocean, trying to stay awake. This is torture 
1:08 Teamdarkfan4  Nice start Amy. 
1:08 TylerWebkinzFan  *dreaming about her team winning* 
1:08 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : and there goes Bridgette. 
1:08 Cabbage pult 74  *wakes up next to Justin* *conf.* What did I made last Friday night? 
1:08 King Flurry51  he was too stupid to don't believe the terrifying tales the people had narrated about a mysterious creature swimming in the sea every night.. 
1:08 RiMiEg007  : *talking extremely fast* It's easy! You just drink as many as you can and you get super hyper and you stay awake! It's commone= coffee logic! 
1:08 The not so happy user  Hmmm...How's Dawn going. *she's asleep* 
1:08 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : *Conf* Seriously, me and Dave are the only Falcons left 
1:08 TheEpicDestroyer@Berry Whining? I am not whining. I am complaining. Do you want to hear whining? THIS IS WHINING. UGH, Berry godplays, his strategy's too tight! Can't you loosen the godplaying. Ugh, godplaying hurts and it's so messy. Why didn't you play a clean game first. You're gonna stain the game! The game is heavy! Why oh why! 
1:08 DestructiveMilkshakeBerry bridgette hasn't fallen asleep yet 
1:08 Mirnish  : One day, his boat breaked meanwhile he was on the island, he haved no other option that go to his boat... 
1:08 SkyFanTDberry Bridgette isn't out 
1:08 Berryleafok 
1:08 DerpyandDawnDEAD @Epic 
1:08 RiMiEg007  : *drinks all 12 cups of espresso* I NEED MORE! 
1:08 Berryleaf  *is not asleep* 
1:08 Mirnish  : I must... stay... AWAKE! I NEED TO WIN FOR MY TEAM! *Hugging Sky* 
1:09 DerpyandDawnTHAT RARITY REFERENCE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. 
1:09 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : Wouldn't have thought Dave would be so strong in this challenge 
1:09 DestructiveMilkshakeshe just did derpy, that's what the random picker chose 
1:09 King Flurry51  Continue, Amy, I can't wait to see Scott peeing himself. 
1:09 RiMiEg007  : *orders 12 more cups of espresso* 
1:09 The not so happy user  We lost Dawn. Stay all awake guys... 
1:09 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : *yawns* Come on Tyler *slaps himself* STAY AWAKE 
1:09 TylerWebkinzFan  *while sleeping* Go....Falcons...zzzz.. 
1:09 DestructiveMilkshake(Zoey, Scott, Duncan, and Bridgette have fallen asleep) 
1:09 SkyFanTD  *cuddles next to Dave unknowingly* 
1:09 Berryleafepic this is clogging the rp 
1:09 RiMiEg007DUNCAN is awake! 
1:09 DestructiveMilkshakeThe random picker chose him to fall asleep 
1:09 Mirnish  : Then, at that moment... the old fisher was sleeping and the boat started to go on open sea, where there was no one! NO SIGNAL OF ANYTHING! 
1:10 RiMiEg007Don't be an asshole Milk 
1:10 King Flurry51Milkshake 
1:10 DestructiveMilkshake      and  are awake 
1:10 SteelWolf  *sleeping* 
1:10 DestructiveMilkshakeuh richard 
1:10 Heozaki  So interesting! 
1:10 SkyFanTDguys milkshake didn't do it on purpose 
1:10 King Flurry51if the random chose 4 of us, pm the players of them 
1:10 DestructiveMilkshakeThe random wheel literally picked you 
1:10 Mirnish(Amy is sleeping?) 
1:10 Teamdarkfan4  We should continue 
1:10 DestructiveMilkshakeI'll do that from now on flurry 
1:10 King Flurry51so we can fall asleep by ourselves 
1:10 SkyFanTDguys milkshake is fair stop accusing him 
1:10 Teamdarkfan4  staying awake 
1:10 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : *stretches and drinks some water* 
1:10 TheEpicDestroyer@Berry Clogging? Pigs clog? Pigs are ugly. Are you saying I too am ugly? Waaaa 
1:10 SteelWolf  *wakes up* Come on Shawn you're our last hope 
1:10 SkyFanTDwhy would he even be bias 
1:10 RiMiEg007What random wheel! 
1:10 VeryUnknownFanStop Epic and Berry 
1:10 VeryUnknownFan Shit 
1:10 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : Wait, Noah is sea water good to drink? 
1:10 SteelWolf  *sleeps again* 
1:10 Heozaki  I've got this....I think. 
1:10 The not so happy user  Amy, you can stop if you want. Scott already fell asleep... 
1:11 Mirnish  : *Sees Scott sleeping* Oh well... this isn't working for him... *Gets up and goes search for some water* 
1:11 SkyFanTDguys if you argue any more times during the rp you will be kicked 
1:11 TheEpicDestroyer  *asleep* 
1:11 King Flurry51  Amy, keep talking..please..yaaawn 
1:11 Cabbage pult 74  *in her dream, she sees herself in Jersey Shore, Justin is in one side of the dock, and the members of her alliance and a million collar case is in the other side* 
1:11 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : *throws up* Sea water is not good at all 
1:11 Mirnish  : *Goes and gets the bucket, then she goes back to her team, spilling water over everyone* STAY AWAKE FOOLS! 
1:11 SkyFanTDooc milkshake do 3 people this time 
1:11 SkyFanTD then 2 the final time 
1:11 King Flurry51  Woah! Brrr.. 
1:11 TylerWebkinzFan  *wakes up* Huh? Oh Im out darn 
1:11 The not so happy user  Who stills in, team? 
1:11 DestructiveMilkshakeOkay I finished the wheel 
1:11 TheEpicDestroyer  *snores heavily* 
1:12 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : *Conf* staying awake so long, makes you lose your mind, ok. I was going insane! But i need to win! Seriously! 
1:12 Teamdarkfan4  Ok amy 
1:12 TylerWebkinzFan  I see 3 eagles, 2 falcons, and 1 hawk left 
1:12 Heozaki  *runs into Amy* AH! Please don't kill me 
1:12 DestructiveMilkshakek freddie 
1:12 ShawnFan14  *Confessional* I really like Anne Maria. I don't know what else to do. I've done all I could to ask her out. She appears to not want me I guess...*sighs* *slaps self* No Justin. Don't give up. You WILL be in a relationship with Anne Maria. 
1:12 Mirnish  : *Hugging Sky* You are a sweet girl and I... I... apologize a lot for misthreating you before... 
1:12 DestructiveMilkshakenext three out will get pms 
1:12 King Flurry51  *draws a shark on Scott's face* uhuhuh, Revenge. 
1:12 The not so happy user  oh, please, don't lose this time *crossing fingers* 
1:12 Mirnish  : *Pushes Shawn* YOU IDIOT! YOU ARE NOT FROM MY TEAM! 
1:12 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : *cradles in fear* Im so tired, I need to win. 
1:12 TheEpicDestroyerlol Flurry 
1:12 SkyFanTD  *sleeps* 
1:13 King Flurry51ikr XD 
1:13 RiMiEg007  : *jittering* So much coffee! 
1:13 King Flurry51I can be evil at times 
1:13 LlewellynIsAwesome!wait isn't Duncan out already? 
1:13 Mirnish  : Whatever, Noah are you there? 
1:13 SkyFanTD(ooc: GREAT JOB Mirnish, really liking dave) 
1:13 King Flurry51  Yes 
1:13 Heozaki  I'm just looking for water! Didn't mean to hurt anyone, either. 
1:13 King Flurry51lol, Scarlett 
1:13 TheEpicDestroyerPrankster Noah is best Noah 
1:13 King Flurry51really? 
1:13 DerpyandDawn*Schemer 
1:13 The not so happy user  I can' for us...Noah...or Samey....whoever... 
1:13 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : *tries walking to the fire* Uh so tired *falls down to the ground and falls aleep* 
1:13 SteelWolfGtg phone is 1% should be back soon 
1:13 TylerWebkinzFan  C'mon Tyler! 
1:14 TheEpicDestroyerBye Steel 
1:14 DerpyandDawnBai 
1:14 SkyFanTDk bai 
1:14 ShawnFan14  *in dream, Justin and Anne Maria are kissing, after he asks her out, and Zoey is in the background, thinking it's cute* *Confessional* Now this crush is affecting me....I gotta ask her out after this challenge... 
1:14 LlewellynIsAwesome!bye Steel 
1:14 Berryleafbye 
1:14 DestructiveMilkshakek bye 
1:14 The not so happy userbye 
1:14 TylerWebkinzFan  NOOOOOO 

LucinaFTW has left the chat.

1:14 Mirnish  : *Sees a crab going over his feet and puts his hand on his mouth, bitting his finger, meanwhile on his mind* "Oh my god, I don't want to awake Sky... and I don't want to be such a girl next to her... 
1:14 DestructiveMilkshaketell me ur vote first 
1:14 ShawnFan14bye rj 
1:14 DestructiveMilkshakeif you lose 
1:14 King Flurry51  Trent, you fine? *waves an hand in front of his face* 
1:14 DestructiveMilkshakejust in case 
1:14 Cabbage pult 74Bye 
1:14 DestructiveMilkshakeand if anyone else has to go 
1:14 DestructiveMilkshake pm your vote in case you lose 
1:14 The not so happy user  *sleeping* ugh 

Teamdarkfan4 has left the chat.

1:14 TylerWebkinzFan  2 eagles 1 falcon 1 hawk OH MY 
1:15 Mirnish  : Well... we are having a long night here...! STAY! AWAKE TEAM! *Sees Trent sleeping* It seems like Noah and I are the only remaining... 
1:15 ShawnFan14i can sub scarlett while rj is gone 
1:15 TheEpicDestroyerWho's left? 
1:15 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : I'm so ashamed of myself. I fell asleep, and let my team down  
1:15 LlewellynIsAwesome! *Conf* 
1:15 SkyFanTD  *wakes up "oh no I fell asleep guys im so sorry" 
1:15 TylerWebkinzFan     
1:15 Mirnish  : *Hugs Sky* Please... let me... let me... win this for her... *yawns and his eyes start to shut, but then he licks dirt* 
1:15 Mirnish (You mean AMY, WHO IS THE SUPERIOR TWIN). 
1:15 TheEpicDestroyerGo Noah 
1:15 TylerWebkinzFanoops 

Teamdarkfan4 has joined the chat.

1:15 SkyFanTD  Dave are you still in? 
1:15 DestructiveMilkshakesomeone check your pms 
1:15 LlewellynIsAwesome!Go Dave <3 
1:16 TylerWebkinzFan     
1:16 Teamdarkfan4  Alright guys 
1:16 The not so happy userGO EAGLES! 
1:16 Berryleaf  *wakes up* Go Dave! 
1:16 Mirnish  : I am still in... thanks Sky... *smiles* 
1:16 Teamdarkfan4  Alright Noah , we can win this 
1:16 Cabbage pult 74  *wakes up* Oh, bu*mer, i'm out. Win this, Shawn! 
1:16 King Flurry51  Wow, last time I was one of the first to fall in sleep. I'm improving. Hey, Amy, why don't tell me a story of you and Samey? I think it would be enough horrific to keep me awake. 

SteelWolf has left the chat.

1:16 TylerWebkinzFan  You got this, Dave! 
1:16 TheEpicDestroyerWe have a half chance of winning 
1:16 SkyFanTD  great job Dave *smiles back 
1:16 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : *snores* 
1:16 Heozaki  *drinking water* I feel....soooo....sleepy...*falls into the water* 
1:16 Mirnish  : *Sees Samey waking up* Emm... you already feel asleep... *Looks Noah* I can be openly honest with you...? 
1:16 ShawnFan14  *wakes up with Anne Maria on him* Woah... 
1:16 King Flurry51  Sure, go on, I'm not an eel that tells about secret. 

SteelWolf has joined the chat.

1:17 DestructiveMilkshake  Noah, Dave, and Samey are competing for first class! 
1:17 LlewellynIsAwesome!so Shawn is out 
1:17 SteelWolfWhen I leave it means my phone died 
1:17 ShawnFan14ok 
1:17 DestructiveMilkshakerj pm ur vote 
1:17 LlewellynIsAwesome!U mean Amy 
1:17 TylerWebkinzFan  The Hawks have to vote someone out! 
1:17 Berryleafwhy not just keep it charged 
1:17 LlewellynIsAwesome!@Milkie 
1:17 RiMiEg007  : *wakes up with 2 dozen espresso cups all over him* Ugh! Must've crashed! 
1:17 Mirnish  : *Gets to his ear and whispers* I like Samey a lot... she is the nicest person alive b-b-but... I feel the necesity to shame her everytime to get attention, because her niceness is bigger than my popularity... and... and... *a tear falls from her cheek* Whatever... 
1:17 TylerWebkinzFan  Meaning we're safe!' 
1:17 SkyFanTD  yes we didn't leave, go DAVE *hugs him* "you can do it!" 
1:17 SteelWolfVotes 
1:17 DerpyandDawn  : *Wakes up* Ew! We all smell like Scott! Except Scott who smells even WORSE then usual. 
1:18 TylerWebkinzFanThanks steel 
1:18 Heozaki  *in the water* 
1:18 DestructiveMilkshakeNo, Samey... 
1:18 SkyFanTD*lose 
1:18 ShawnFan14  Aw man. Well, good try Justin. Sucks we lost. 
1:18 Mirnish  : Please guys... *yawns* CHEAR! Please... *yawns again and then he smiles* I can... do... it! 
1:18 Cabbage pult 74  Well, that was so...Scarlett, give me the "shocky" device. *Anne Maria shockes herself repeatedltpy* 
1:18 ShawnFan14Shawn* 
1:18 DestructiveMilkshakeamy was first out lol 
1:18 Berryleaf  Good job team! 
1:18 DerpyandDawnOh right 
1:18 LlewellynIsAwesome!oh lol 
1:18 MirnishYou didn't message me bitch! 
1:18 DestructiveMilkshakerj 
1:18 DestructiveMilkshake ur 
1:18 DerpyandDawnAmy was first out 
1:18 DestructiveMilkshakevote 
1:18 TheEpicDestroyer  *snores* 
1:18 Teamdarkfan4  Alright , almost there 
1:18 SteelWolf  First loss! 
1:18 The not so happy user  So...who won? 
1:18 DestructiveMilkshakepm me 
1:18 TylerWebkinzFanrj PMed me 
1:18 LlewellynIsAwesome!DID DAVE WIN <3 
1:18 DestructiveMilkshakeI'm host and got it now 
1:18 Mirnish  : I can do it! I can do it! *yawns and gets on his feet* 
1:18 DestructiveMilkshakethx 
1:18 SteelWolfOh oops 
1:18 King Flurry51  Oh, wow.. *twitches* ...this is moving, but you should stop to hide your sentiments in this harsh way. You look as the opposite you are being so cruel with your sis, that's obvious then you feel she's the most liked and you no. 
1:18 TylerWebkinzFanoh so did i... 
1:18 DestructiveMilkshakenow pming the losers 
1:18 Cabbage pult 74  *totally shocked* Yeah, who? 
1:18 Berryleaf  Go Dave! 
1:18 DerpyandDawnTyler is host 
1:19 DerpyandDawn Not you tho 
1:19 DestructiveMilkshakebut i was hosting suring the challenge 
1:19 DestructiveMilkshake ... 
1:19 Mirnish  : N-Now... I-I... *falls asleep on Noah's shoulder smilling* 
1:19 TylerWebkinzFanbut dude i am here 
1:19 DerpyandDawnSo? he is still the host 
1:19 DerpyandDawn He is back 
1:19 DestructiveMilkshakek watever 
1:19 SkyFanTDyeah but he already did the wheel 
1:19 SkyFanTD wait 
1:19 SkyFanTD no 
1:19 DestructiveMilkshakeI'll pm him who loses next 
1:19 SkyFanTDguys 
1:19 The not so happy user  Eh....Only NOAH AND DAVE! 
1:19 SkyFanTDoh okay 
1:19 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : *wakes up* Uh what happened? Oh no, I FELL ASLEEP? DID WE LOSE? 
1:19 DerpyandDawnHe is counting the votes so sending mine to him 
1:19 BerryleafI vote Tyler for host 
1:19 SkyFanTDsorry milkshake for that 
1:19 King Flurry51  *blushes* ahem, ok, goodnight, Amy. 
1:20 TylerWebkinzFan  GO DAVE 
1:20 Berryleaf  Go Dave! 
1:20 The not so happy usereh, who wins? Noah or Dave? 
1:20 Cabbage pult 74Who won? (Ooc) 
1:20 DestructiveMilkshakePm'd tyler 
1:20 ShawnFan14who do I send votes to? 
1:20 TylerWebkinzFanme 
1:20 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : Oh Dave is still in! Go Dave! 
1:20 The not so happy user  Win for us, Noah! 
1:20 TylerWebkinzFanshould i PM the people who is out? 
1:20 King Flurry51  *returns to read* I'll try, I'll try.. 
1:20 DestructiveMilkshakeYeah 
1:21 Mirnish  : I will win this for my team! AND FOR SKY! *Smiles at her and then he blushes* 
1:21 Mirnish  : He-He... 
1:21 SkyFanTD  *blushes* you can do it Dave! 
1:21 The not so happy user  C'mon, Noah! You can do it! 
1:21 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : Dave has really proven to be a great guy on the team. 
1:21 LlewellynIsAwesome! *Conf* 
1:22 Mirnish(Saddening) 
1:22 LlewellynIsAwesome!I keep forgetting to put Conf in 
1:22 The not so happy userso, who wins? 
1:22 SkyFanTDwhat is saddening 
1:22 Mirnish  : I c-can... *yawns and hugs SKy* I l-l-lov-*Falls asleep on her shoulder* 
1:22 TheEpicDestroyer  : *snores* 
1:22 Berryleaf  Aw 
1:22 ShawnFan14lol 
1:22 Teamdarkfan4  *sleeps* 
1:22 Berryleaf  So cute 
1:22 TylerWebkinzFan  At least we got second 
1:22 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : No Dave! 
1:22 Berryleaf  Yeah, we're not going up for elimination 
1:22 King Flurry51  *stops to read and look at Dave asleep* So..yawn..I'm the last one? 
1:23 The not so happy user  We won! For first! Thanks Noah! *falls asleep* 
1:23 SkyFanTD  oh no Dave *lets Dave lie down on her* 

SteelWolf has left the chat.

1:23 SkyFanTD  *falls back to sleep* 
1:23 Cabbage pult 74  That doesn't means that.... 
1:23 DestructiveMilkshake(Noah won) 
1:23 TylerWebkinzFan  The Hawks have to vote for someone tonight, congrats Noah for winning for your team 
1:23 DestructiveMilkshake*Samey 
1:23 TheEpicDestroyer  : *wakes up* Huh? What's with all the cheering? *sees team throwing Noah in the air* Alright! We won. 
1:23 ShawnFan14  Sucks we gotta vote someone out. 
1:23 TheEpicDestroyer  *feels face* Do I have something on my face, guys? 
1:23 Mirnish*Samey 
1:24 King Flurry51  hooray! *raises a fist to the sky, then falls asleep* now, if you don't mind.. ZZZZZZZ. 
1:24 Mirnishbrb 
1:24 SkyFanTDk 
1:24 The not so happy user  *conf* I told them that we could win. With teammwork and zzzzzz 

Pinkyrue has joined the chat.

1:24 Berryleaf  *sees scott's face and starts laughing* 
1:24 ShawnFan14we sending our votes now? 
1:24 TylerWebkinzFan  I have 1 vote 
1:24 King Flurry51(OOC: yay, first time I won a randomize challenge!) 
1:24 TylerWebkinzFanyes 
1:24 ShawnFan14k 
1:24 Berryleaf  Okay who did this? 
1:24 Berryleaf  It's hilarious 
1:24 Cabbage pult 74  F*ck. 
1:24 SkyFanTD  well I am glad we don't have to vote anyone out! *yawns 
1:24 TheEpicDestroyer  *sees sniggering team* Alright. No answer. Cool. 
1:24 ShawnFan14did rj tell u his vote? 
1:24 TylerWebkinzFanyes 
1:24 DestructiveMilkshakehe did 
1:24 ShawnFan14ok 
1:25 King Flurry51  *smirks while snoring* Zzzz..eheh..zz.. 
1:25 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : agreed Sky 

Pinkyrue has left the chat.

1:25 TylerWebkinzFan  Same here guys 
1:25 Berryleaf  Yeah! We're undefeatable! 
1:25 ShawnFan14  *Confessional* I cannot be stupid, and I got to go with my gut. So I guess that also means asking out Anne Maria. 
1:25 King Flurry51OOC:who's saving this ep? 
1:25 DerpyandDawn  : Ahw, We lost. 
1:25 SkyFanTDderpy did you save it 
1:25 Berryleafooc: u because u won 
1:26 Berryleaf ooc: loljk 
1:26 DerpyandDawnI couldn't 
1:26 SkyFanTDdid anyone save 
1:26 DerpyandDawnI refreshed 
1:26 TylerWebkinzFan  3 votes 
1:26 Berryleafi can if u guys want 
1:26 DestructiveMilkshake^@derpy 
1:26 SkyFanTDplease do 
1:26 Berryleafme? 
1:26 King Flurry51ok 
1:26 Berryleafok 
1:26 SkyFanTD@berry 
1:26 SkyFanTD thank you 
1:26 King Flurry51but we should stop talking, then 
1:26 Berryleafi'll do it when the episode is over 
1:26 Berryleaf where should i put it 
1:26 RiMiEg007  : We lost? 
1:26 The not so happy useryeah, let's do the votes part 
1:27 Mirnish  : You did an amazing job Noah, I congratule you. 
1:27 DestructiveMilkshakego to the ceremony now 
1:27 DerpyandDawnI will sub Scarlett 
1:27 LlewellynIsAwesome!wow lol every team lost at least once today lol 
1:27 ShawnFan14  Anne Maria, I was wondering wanted to be my girlfriend? *some what blushes* 
1:27 ShawnFan14 rj wanted me to sub as Scarlett when he was gon 
1:27 Mirnish  *still sleeping on Sky's shoulder* 
1:28 Cabbage pult 74  Well, we can be friends, but don't lose faith. *gives him a kiss* 
1:28 Berryleafooc: actually i lost half of the interactions at the beginning 
1:28 TheEpicDestroyerFor a "not so happy user" you sure are good at encouraging @Happy 
1:28 SkyFanTD  *conf* *yawns I cant let my feelings for Dave get in the way of how I play the game, but I cant hurt him again" 
1:28 ShawnFan14  *kisses Anne Maria then stops* Okay....thanks for the kiss though

ShawnFan14 Anne Maria, I was wondering wanted to be my girlfriend? *some what blushes*

1:27 ShawnFan14 rj wanted me to sub as Scarlett when he was gon 
1:27 Mirnish  *still sleeping on Sky's shoulder* 
1:28 Cabbage pult 74  Well, we can be friends, but don't lose faith. *gives him a kiss* 
1:28 Berryleafooc: actually i lost half of the interactions at the beginning 
1:28 TheEpicDestroyerFor a "not so happy user" you sure are good at encouraging @Happy 
1:28 SkyFanTD  *conf* *yawns I cant let my feelings for Dave get in the way of how I play the game, but I cant hurt him again" 
1:28 ShawnFan14  *kisses Anne Maria then stops* Okay....thanks for the kiss though. 

TylerWebkinzFan 1st vote: Welcome to the Total Drama: The Next Generation Roleplay 2.0 Wiki chat

1:31 SkyFanTD... test 
1:31 ShawnFan14  *before going to elimination* Trent, that was real cold how you blamed me for the coconut incident. 
1:31 The not so happy userplease Tyler, do it, hurry up! 
1:31 LlewellynIsAwesome!test' 
1:31 King Flurry51lag 

ShawnFan14 has joined the chat.

1:31 Berryleaftest 

SkyFanTD has joined the chat.

1:31 Cabbage pult 74Wow, the crashed, it ruined the whole episode. (Ooc) 

LlewellynIsAwesome! has joined the chat.

1:31 King Flurry51I saved the episode until the part Justin kissed ann 
1:31 SkyFanTDberry 
1:31 DestructiveMilkshake... 
1:31 SkyFanTDOMG 

The not so happy user has joined the chat. DestructiveMilkshake has joined the chat. Berryleaf has joined the chat. VeryUnknownFan has joined the chat.

1:32 RiMiEg007I blame Milk 
1:32 LlewellynIsAwesome!wb everyone 
1:32 RiMiEg007  

Mirnish has joined the chat.

1:32 DestructiveMilkshake¬¬ 
1:32 The not so happy userTyler, can you do the elimination? 

DerpyandDawn has joined the chat.

1:32 Berryleafyeah everytime someone said something i lost more of the episode 

Heozaki has joined the chat. TylerWebkinzFan has joined the chat.

1:32 TylerWebkinzFani glitched oops 
1:32 Berryleafu got it flurry? 
1:32 King Flurry51no problem 
1:32 SkyFanTDokay resume 

Teamdarkfan4 has joined the chat.

1:33 King Flurry51yes, from almost the beginning to the part Justin kissed ann 
1:33 VeryUnknownFanDo you have the votes? 
1:33 King Flurry51I miss the ceremony 
1:33 DestructiveMilkshakeceremony has happened yet 
1:33 SkyFanTDhere lets redo that part 
1:33 TylerWebkinzFan  1st vote:  
1:33 King Flurry51to be honest I saved the episode since Sky said that joke about the Spirit Bridgette 
1:33 TylerWebkinzFan  2nd vote:  
1:33 TylerWebkinzFan  3rd vote:  
1:33 Berryleafspirit bridgette? 
1:33 LlewellynIsAwesome!wow do diverse 
1:33 TheEpicDestroyer... 
1:33 LlewellynIsAwesome!*so 

TheEpicDestroyer has joined the chat.

1:33 The not so happy userwow, so diferent 
1:33 DestructiveMilkshake^@welly 
1:33 MirnishSuch a colofur vote. 
1:34 LlewellynIsAwesome!hey Epic 
1:34 TylerWebkinzFan  4th vote: (jstin) 
1:34 SkyFanTDokay that's good enough 
1:34 TylerWebkinzFan*  
1:34 LlewellynIsAwesome!OMG LOL 
1:34 DestructiveMilkshakeoh my 
1:34 LlewellynIsAwesome!four different votes 
1:34 TylerWebkinzFan  5th vote:  
1:34 DestructiveMilkshakemuch divide vote 
1:34 TheEpicDestroyer#Drama 
1:34 Berryleafvotes all over the place 
1:34 TylerWebkinzFan  6th vote:  
1:34 King Flurry51lol 
1:34 TheEpicDestroyerle gasp 
1:34 DestructiveMilkshakevery drama 
1:34 ShawnFan14  *glares at Duncan* 
1:34 LlewellynIsAwesome!le tie 
1:34 The not so happy usertie? 
1:34 Mirnish  : *Awakes after a lot of time* WE WON!? Oh, wait... we didn't! 
1:34 The not so happy userone left? 
1:34 TylerWebkinzFan  Last vote... 
1:34 Berryleafno there's a 7th vote 
1:34 Heozaki  *begins to freak out* 
1:34 The not so happy userdum dum dum 
1:34 RiMiEg007  : *glares at Justin 
1:35 TylerWebkinzFan  3rd person voted out of Total Drama Around the Globe.... 
1:35 Cabbage pult 74 please... 
1:35 Heozaki  ... 
1:35 RiMiEg007  : ... 
1:35 VeryUnknownFan  : Oh no.... 
1:35 TylerWebkinzFan  Is... 
1:35 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : *gasps* 
1:35 ShawnFan14  *pats Shawn on the back* *crosses fingers* 
1:35 The not so happy userso... 
1:35 RiMiEg007  : *glares* 
1:35 Mirnishmuch... 
1:35 Heozaki... 
1:35 TheEpicDestroyer... 
1:35 King Flurry51..drama 
1:35 DestructiveMilkshake... 
1:35 LlewellynIsAwesome!... 
1:35 Heozaki  ... 
1:35 ShawnFan14what the frick is the vote geez 
1:35 Cabbage pult 74... 
1:35 Mirnish... 
1:35 RiMiEg007  : GET ON WITH IT! 
1:35 The not so happy userplease! 
1:35 LlewellynIsAwesome!... 
1:35 VeryUnknownFanStop 
1:35 Berryleaftyler i will smother you with a pillow 
1:36 King Flurry51lol 
1:36 Berryleafjk 
1:36 DestructiveMilkshaketyler 
1:36 DestructiveMilkshakeread the last vote 
1:36 SkyFanTD  *conf* yawns* dave is cute, but I really want to focus on the game, but I don't want to hurt him again *sigh*" 
1:36 Berryleafbut srsly hurry up 
1:36 TheEpicDestroyer...not funny 
1:36 DestructiveMilkshakeit's dragged on 
1:36 TylerWebkinzFan   
1:36 TheEpicDestroyerle gasp 
1:36 King Flurry51wow 
1:36 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : WOAH, didn't see that coming 
1:36 The not so happy useroh! 
1:36 VeryUnknownFan  : No. I am so sorry Duncan *hugs him* You deserved to stay here. 
1:36 DestructiveMilkshakele gasp 
1:36 King Flurry51ahah 
1:36 King Flurry51 XD Mirn 
1:36 RiMiEg007  : Have to say, not surprised! 
1:36 Mirnish#blindside 
1:37 Cabbage pult 74  But I didn't vote for him, I swear. Take care, Big guy. 
1:37 DestructiveMilkshake#blindside 
1:37 TylerWebkinzFan  le WHAT 
1:37 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : congrats Shawn, sorry to see you go buddy *pats Duncan on the back* 
1:37 Mirnish#splitvote 
1:37 VeryUnknownFan  : Who voted him off? 
1:37 ShawnFan14  *smirks* Get out bad boy. 
1:37 Berryleafstop with the survivor! 
1:37 DerpyandDawn  : What? *Sighs* I thought we could finally... Get back together... Bye, 
1:37 RiMiEg007  : I know Justin probably rigged the votes! 
1:37 TheEpicDestroyer... 
1:37 RiMiEg007  : Wait... what? 
1:37 Mirnish#totaldramabreakdown 
1:37 DestructiveMilkshake  He did not. 
1:37 Heozaki  *relieved* Woah... 
1:37 TylerWebkinzFan  Duncan, it's time for you to go 
1:37 ShawnFan14  How could I rig the votes? I'm not that villainous. 
1:37 SkyFanTD  bye Duncan! 
1:37 VeryUnknownFan  : Shawn should be the one going home. He has isolated himself from the team, and is the least useful 
1:37 King Flurry51or that celver 
1:37 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : Bye Duncan 
1:37 Mirnish  : *Watching from behind* Un-EXPECTED. 
1:37 DerpyandDawn^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ @Berry 
1:37 TheEpicDestroyer  Bye Duncan. 
1:37 King Flurry51*clever* 
1:38 Berryleaf  Aw man, seeya Duncan 
1:38 RiMiEg007  : See ya! *grabs a parachute* Well, this was lame! 
1:38 ShawnFan14  Cya loser! *pats Shawn on the shoulder* Friends forever dude. 
1:38 TylerWebkinzFan  That....was.... 
1:38 RiMiEg007  : *jumps* 
1:38 DerpyandDawnTyler, In the TD universe TD IS THE SURVIVOR, Survivor does not exist in TD 
1:38 Berryleaf  Shocking? 
1:38 Mirnish  : Goodbye Duncan! *conf: Sky is not longer with that lameful idiot! She will be with me! 
1:38 DestructiveMilkshakethat was unEGGspected 
1:38 ShawnFan14omg no milky lol 
1:38 TylerWebkinzFan  Alright well 18 are left 
1:39 King Flurry51No one Eggspected the Justin Opposition 
1:39 TylerWebkinzFan  Who will be voted out next time on TOTAL DRAMA AROUND THE GLOBE 
1:39 TylerWebkinzFan ==END==

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