Greetings and Salutations, Peers of the wiki. 

There is going to be a new rule, Which I'm sure you guys will all find somewhat enjoyment in. 

Instead of their being interaction pages there will be... Brief summaries of interactions between contestants. Here I'll give a small example. 

Courtney and Sky (Friends since S1-) 

Courtney and Sky have different mind sets which set them apart very easily. And very early on in the season Courtney finds herself jealous of

Courtney and Sky become enemies again.

Duncan having a thing with Sky. However later on when Courtney switches teams, Courtney's opinion changes about her. Courtney finds Sky admirable and a good team player and often talked with her, And unlike some of her other friendships she seems to always be geniune with her. And they eventually merge together and form a All Falcon alliance, Along with Lindsay, Tyler, and Dave. And it seems somewhat successful but after Courtney blindsides Sky's friend and alliance member, Sky finds it hard to trust her. But Courtney regains her trust soon enough. They go back to step one when Sky plays dirtier then usual and robs Courtney from winning causing Courtney to be livid. Sky feels sorry for it and goes through many attempts to befriend her, Even sharing immunity with her. But it isn't until Sky snaps until Courtney breaks down and she apologizes. They remain friends for the rest of the season and in the finale Courtney is happy that Sky (along with Bridgette) won the season.

In season two they have minimal interactions due to being on opposing teams and Sky's early elimination. 

I hope you guys enjoy this easier way of making interactions. 

You will put it as a section on the characters page along with their relationship and how long they've been friends. You don't need them to be approved, But just make sure they have common sense (I.E Making Courtney and Cody because Courtney called Cody a loser.) 

I hope you guys all have a good evening. 

--I can read aura's and it looks like someone threw up on yours 

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