The Drop of Shame is the elimination exit in Total Drama: Around the Globe.

Previously used in Total Drama World Tour, the Drop of Shame is taken by every contestant eliminated. They must drop off the plane with a parachute, however, a lot of the contestants had problems when reaching the ground.

Cody's Drop of Shame

Cody: First voted off? I must admit that that was surprising, I though I was in good terms with my teammates, and I lose the opportunity of being with Anne Maria, Samey, well, all the cute girls. But at least I still have my...*loses the parachutes*...pride! And that is what girls like, am I right?

  • Notices he just dropped his parachute, starts to scream as he falls to the ground*

Cody: *lands* Ouch! What a hard landing, wait where...

  • the scene shows Cody in the middle of the street, a lot of cars about to continue their way, and the semaphore changes to green*

Cody: Uh-oh. *the scene cuts before the cars start to run*

Lightning's Drop of Shame

Lightning: Sha-what? Second dropped again? Back in Lightning's city, I was always the last standing in this kind of games. This sucks!

  • Lightning lands on Johannesburg, in the middle of a football stadium.*

Lightning: What? Did I landed in Malaysia?

  • A goal is marked, everyone cheers.*

Lightning: I guess that is a yes.

Announcer: And now, presenting, Shakira!

Lightning: Sha-who?

  • Shakira appears with a lot of backup dancers, all of them crush Lightning while dancing.*

Lightning: Hey, that hurts a...*gets kicked*...hey man wai...*gets kicked*...ouch, that...*gets kicked repeatedly*

Duncan's Drop of Shame

  • Duncan is shown falling without a parachute, with a worried expression.*

Duncan: This really sucks, I was blindsided. It was Justin the one that should drop of that stupid plane! You better watch your steps, man. Once that I meet you again, I will destroy you like a hurricane!

  • Duncan lands in Bahamas once again.*

Duncan: Hey, a coconut. *he breaks the coconut and drinks the water, however an actual hurricane is going right to him*

Duncan: Well, this place is good. They better take down the Barbie Boy, he will ruin everything for them.

  • The hurricane appoaches even more*

Duncan: Wait, why the strong wind? A hurricane!! *The hurricane strikes Duncan, and the scene is cut.*

Scott's Drop of Shame

Scott: What a bunch of idiots, voting off the most strategic player. They will suffer, they made a bad decision. Well, guess they learnt from the best, me!

  • Scott lands near Guantanamo, where two guards confront him*

Guard: You were trying to escape?

Scott: What? I'm not an intern.

Guard 2: You have two options, go to sea or go back to jail.

Scott: Whatever, I pick swimming. *Suddenly, Fang appears, waiting for him*

Scott: No! I pick the jail! I pick the jail! *Both guards launch Scott into the sea, where Fang starts to chase him*

Scarlett's Drop of Shame

Scarlett: It's unbelievable! I was the smartest team member, the one that always came up with strategies and their leader. And I was blindsided? By that bunch of inferior minions? *Starts to transform in Evil Scarlett*

Scarlett: Now I will land near the Kilahuea, I will take some volcanic rocks, and build my secret lair in Hawaii.

  • Behind Scarlett, the volcano crumbles, without she noticing*

Scarlett: When I finally build it, I will take over Hawaii, and then, THE ENTIRE WORLD! *evil laugh*

  • The scene cuts to a view of the island from the highs, Scarlett's laugh is still heared, but she is cut as the volcano explodes, spilling lava all over the island*

Justin's Drop of Shame

Justin: I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! I knew Anne loved me! I'm not in the Friend Zone anymore. Oh, Anne, we were almost the perfect couple and then, Chef pushed me off. Man, when I manage to see Anne again, we will be a couple, no doubt.

  • He lands on the Outback*

Justin: A lake! I can swim there! *Jasmine appers (If DJ and his mom could appear...)

Jasmine: Hey, mate. You should not swim there.

Justin: Why not? It's Australia, is there going to appear a kangaroo? Or a koala?

Jasmine: No, but that's the lake where Dundee rests, he is a 10ft crocodile.

Justin: A crocodile? *The crocodile starts to chase both him and Jasmine, ending the scene.*

Zoey and Shawn's Drop of Shame

Zoey: It sucks to be eliminated like this, even after I trusted Anne and our alliance. But...i'm OK with that, at least we are friends now, and we let our conflict in the past. I guess now it's time to...*she opens her parachute*

Zoey: Perfect! I'll have a safe landing now.

  • The scene shows Shawn falling without a parachute, and Zoey at the bottom of the scene*

Shawn: BREAK MY FALL!!!!!!

Zoey: What? *Shawn is heavy enough to break Zoey's parachute, and both get a free fall to the ground*

  • Both land near the Seine river, and a mime is near there.*

Shawn: Where are we? *the mime gets close to Shawn* Ahhh!!!! A zombie! *starts to punch the mime* Die! Die! Die!

Zoey: Shawn! Don't do that! It's just a...oh, nevermind, I had enough stress today, if you search for me, i'll be on a spa. *she walks away, as the punches are heared in the background*

Samey's Drop of Shame

Samey: I'm not really sure why they voted me off. I though I was also a member of their alliance, this is confusing. *sighs* At least I can be away from Amy now! And to be honest, that's even more important than falling here. I still want to know where I will fall.

  • Samey is about to land in a Opera house, while the scene cuts to a play.*

Samey: Oh, i'm near landing, I just will...*the parachute gets stucked*, no. I'm gonna die now!

  • As a singer ends his solo, Samey breaks the roof, and knocks him out of the stage, as the audience gasps*

Samey: I'm so sorry sir. I'll help you.

  • Before Samey can help him, a reflector iluminates her, as the audience claps out of nowhere.*

Samey: Wow...thanks. This is like the first time somebody claps for me. *she starts to cry, as the scene ends*

Anne's Drop of Shame

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