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  • Cabbage pult 74

    The Drop of Shame is the elimination exit in Total Drama: Around the Globe.

    Previously used in Total Drama World Tour, the Drop of Shame is taken by every contestant eliminated. They must drop off the plane with a parachute, however, a lot of the contestants had problems when reaching the ground.

    Cody: First voted off? I must admit that that was surprising, I though I was in good terms with my teammates, and I lose the opportunity of being with Anne Maria, Samey, well, all the cute girls. But at least I still have my...*loses the parachutes*...pride! And that is what girls like, am I right?

    • Notices he just dropped his parachute, starts to scream as he falls to the ground*

    Cody: *lands* Ouch! What a hard landing, wait where...

    • the scene shows Co…

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