18 characters. 9 females, 9 males, Survivor theme takes place on Hawaii. You can be anyone not in S1.

Females (0 left)Edit

  • Dakota played by DerpyandDawn
  • Momma DJ played by Mirnish
  • Emily played by Totaldramalego
  • Izzy played by TDWT: Trains, Planes, and Hot Air Mobiles
  • Jo played by TheEpicDestroyer
  • Heather played by LlewellynIsAwesome!
  • Blaineley played by LucinaFTW
  • Katie played by SteelWolf
  • Gwen played by Berryleaf

Males (0 left)Edit

  • Alejandro by SkyFanTD
  • Rodney by TylerWebkinzFan 
  • Sam by ShawnFan14
  • Geoff by Bulbasaur-Is-Awesome
  • Leonard by QueenCourtney
  • Mr. Coconut by X16bit
  • Ezekiel by Sean the Arctic Fox
  • Topher by DegrassiFTW
  • Owen by DestructiveMilkshake

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