Killer Producers
Number of members 11
Highest ranking member TBA
Lowest ranking member Courtney, 20th place
Advanced to Season 4 TBA
Team selected by TBA

The Killer Producers is one of the two opposing teams on Total Drama: Lights, Camera, Action. The Killer Producers are made up of Alejandro, Amy, Brick, Bridgette, Courtney, Geoff, Gwen, Jasmine, Lindsay, Mike and Trent. The team was formed in Let's Get Filming.

In Son of a Beach! the teams are mashed up and redone.

Killer Producers teammates
Original Alejandro | Amy | Brick | Bridgette | Courtney | Geoff | Gwen | Jasmine | Lindsay | Mike | Trent
Post-Shuffle Amy | Brick | Dave | Dawn | Harold | Jo | Lindsay | Mike | Noah