Killer Producers
Screaming Directors
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Eliminated TDLCA: Massive Monster Mayhem
Place TDLCA: 13th
Friends Brick, Bridgette, Lindsay, Trent
Relationship Shawn (not competing)
Enemies Amy, Rodney
Voiced by Katie Bergin
Roleplayer Cabbage pult 74


Contestant Profile

Total Drama: Lights, Camera, Action

Team(s) Killer Producers (Ep. 1-4)
Screaming Directors (Ep. 6-11)
Placement 13/22
Alliance(s) Eagle Squad (affiliated)
Challenge(s) Won 2
Vote(s) Against 11
Day(s) Lasted 27

Jasmine, labeled The Australian Outback Girl, was a contestant on Total Drama: Lights, Camera, Action, as a member of the Killer Producers, however, she is switched to the Screaming Directors after the fourth episode.

Placed on the ill-fated Kinosewak team, Jasmine managed to survive the elimination ceremonies, before being betrayed by a fake and b**chy ally after the merge.


Raised in the harsh conditions of the Australian outback, Jasmine is an expert survivalist. She can "make the oddest scraps useful, find water in unlikely places and make shelter at a moment’s notice." She is quick to take charge and can seem commandeering. However, she actually has a big heart underneath her tough exterior. She is kind to anyone who shows her respect, and can be quite encouraging, motherly, and loyal. She has also been shown to be stubborn, holding a grudge for a substantial amount of time. According to Jasmine herself, people are intimidated by her for both her bossiness and her height. She does not take pride in her stature and attitude, constantly worrying about how she comes across to others. Her ability to make friends has also been hindered by this. Jasmine will not place the prize money over her closest relationships even if she has been angered by them.

Voting HistoryEdit

Jasmine's Voting History
Episode Jasmine's
Voted Against
1 Killer Producers Inmune
2 Amy -
3 Geoff Alejandro, Amy
Geoff, Gwen
4 Amy -
6 Screaming Directors Inmune
7 Topher -
8 Heather -
9 Heather Alejandro, Heather
10 Alejandro Alejandro, Courtney,
Gwen, Leshawna,
Voted Off, Day 27

See AlsoEdit

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