Killer Producers
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Eliminated TDLCA: Fifty Shades of Drama
Place TDLCA: 20th
Friends Alejandro, Gwen, Lindsay, Brick, Mike, Trent
Relationship Bridgette (status unknown)

Amy (status unknown)

Enemies Heather, Courtney, Jasmine
Voiced by Dan Petronijevic
Roleplayer GODuncan
Geoffrey "Geoff," labeled The Funniest Guy Around, was a contestant on Total Drama: Lights, Camera, Action, as a member of the Killer Producers.


Geoff may not be the smartest contestant in the bunch, but he loves people and is always up for any challenge Chris has in store. He has a habit of addressing everyone as "dude" or "bro/brah," depending on the gender. He is extremely fun-loving, believing that life is short and if someone "doesn't stop and have a party every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, they're going to regret it." Geoff's big heart doesn't exclude even the more reserved. However, given enough motivation, he won't hesitate to pay people back for their misdeeds.

Total Drama: Lights, Camera, ActionEdit

Let's Get FilmingEdit

Geoff was introduced and immediately went to Bridgette. Before the teams were made, Geoff started a conflict with Courtney, but pretended to be friends with her for Bridgette. Geoff was happy when he found out he is on the same team as Bridgette. On the way to the challenge Geoff scolded Heather for wanting Mike out for no reason. Geoff nominated Bridgette to be the leader of the challenge, Courtney agreed, which surprised Geoff. Geoff helped Trent and Jasmine with the set and decided to do the lighting. Geoff thought his team was gonna lose but was estatic to find out they won, face planting then kissing Bridgette.

Saving Private PaintballEdit

Geoff woke up and greeted Bridgette. During the challenge Geoff left defense to go on offense. Even though Noah kept dodging paintballs, Geoff and Jasmine tag teamed him. Unfortunately, Jo had super speed and got the team's flag across the set in 10 seconds. Geoff got mad at Courtnry for yelling at Brick and voted her off along with Alejandro, Lindsay, Mike, Amy, and Gwen.

Fifty Shades of DramaEdit

Geoff had a brief discussion with Gwen on what to do now their alliance was found out. Geoff apologized to Bridgette for voting off Courtney and told her he still couldnt vote with them in the next ceremony. Geoff volunteered for the challenge but ended up failing cause he didnt hear the rules right. Amy tripped Geoff and landed on him, making them kiss. Geoff tried pushing her off, but everyone already saw and Bridgette ran away. Geoff tried to tell Bridgette that it was an accident but she ignored him. Geoff got cheated out because Mike accidentally voted Amy but switched to Jasmine, but Chris didnt allow that (even though he tried saving Courtney last episode).

Voting HistoryEdit

Geoff's's Voting History
Episode Geoff's
Voted Against
1 Killer Producers Immune
2 Courtney -
3 Jasmine Bridgette, Jasmine, Trent
Lindsay, Brick



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