Egotistic Eagles
Number of members 8
Highest ranking member Bridgette, 1st/2nd place
Lowest ranking member Lightning, 20th place
Advanced to Season 2 4
Advanced to Season 4 TBA
Team selected by SkyFanTD

The Egotistic Eagles is one of the three opposing teams on Total Drama Around the Globe, the others being the Hefty Hawks and Ferocious Falcons. The Egotictic Eagles originally consists of Amy, Dawn, Lightning, Noah, Samey, Scott and Trent. The team was put together in Lost Angeles, by Chris. In Tiki Torture, Chris moved Noah at the Hefty Hawks, and placed Bridgette in the Eagles.

The team is known for usually getting second place in challenges, and usually had trouble getting along, but picked things up after the swap. Their team color is green.


Amy - Mirnish

Dawn - Totaldramalego

Lightning - Rocky LXIX

Noah - King Flurry51

Samey - Teamdarkfan4

Scott - TheEpicDestroyer

Trent - The not so happy user

Total Drama Around the GlobeEdit

In Lost Angeles, the team members are chosen by Chris.


Orignal MembersEdit

  • Amy
  • Dawn
  • Lightning
  • Noah
  • Samey
  • Scott
  • Trent

Additional MembersEdit

  • Bridgette
Egotistic Eagles teammates
Amy | Dawn | Lightning | Noah | Samey | Scott | Trent


Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Lightning Male 20th 7th I African't Do It He caused the team to lose when he kept sleeping.
Scott Male 18th 6th Cuban Craziness He spent all the time annoying his teammates, and got voted out in return.
Samey Female 13th 5th Stop Rome-ing Around She was a weak asset at the team, so they eliminated her.
Dawn Female 8th 4th Amazonian Pride She got blindsided after the merge, because Amy and Courtney targeted her.
Trent Male 7th 3th It's Hot in Egg-gypt The Falcons wanted to eliminate everyone that wasn't on their team, and he got targeted.
Amy Female 6th 2th TBA TBA
Bridgette Female 1st/2nd 1st TBA TBA