• SkyFanTD

    Final 12 Predictions

    May 25, 2015 by SkyFanTD

    12. Leonard - I don't think his roleplayer has showed up, and depending on the alliance that prevails at merge he will most likely be targeted, and he doesn't serve much importance except for his conflict with Katie which is kind of fun to watch.

    11. Jo - Jo is pretty cool, and I really want to see a Jo vs. Heather conflict, but I'm guessing Jo won't go too far with Epic being a major threat and all.

    will do later.

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  • TheAnimeKid87

    Power Rankings

    May 15, 2015 by TheAnimeKid87

    Oh, lol. 4 people left? Gwen, Topher, Coco, and Geoff.

    • 4th Topher: Topher himself is....the next person to go on the tribe really, or should be. I mean, it's just logical really, he brings less than the others do, he helps at least and now that the floaters are gone then he is the next choice.
    • 3rd Gwen: Gwen is 3rd, because, she's neutral with most on her team, she is useful and contributes and is kind of like a second leader to the team. She isn't that sociable, but isn't like completely detached, her mood remains mellow-ish or reserved, but she's here because, Coco and Geoff (more Coco) are crafty, and can get people on their side.
    • 2nd: Mr Coconut: He is a literal Coconut, he has quite a lot of power in the game, but Topher dislikes him, an…

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  • SkyFanTD

    Hey everyone, today I am going to start a new kind of blog that might be a huge success or a complete failure. Either way it will get some activity on this wiki, so as you know we had an epic premiere, and many people are wondering who will win this season? Okay maybe not many people, but I certainly want to know. Anyways so down below you will find the betting odds for each character of winning the season.

    • lets say I say Jo has a 2/1 odds of winning.

    You calculate 1/(2+1)= 0.33%, so Jo has a 33% chance of winning based on her interactions etc.

    Owen: 100/1

    Jo: 75/1

    Ezekiel: 35/1

    Topher: 25/1

    Leonard: 20/1

    Rodney: 12/1

    Blaineley: 10/1

    Emily: 6/1

    Katie: 6/1

    Alejandro: 6/1

    Gwen: 5/1

    Geoff: 5/1

    Heather: 5/1

    Dakota: 4/1

    Mr. Coconut: 4/1

    Momma DJ: 3/1

    Tell me wha…

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  • SkyFanTD

    First off, hi I am SkyFanTD, and this is my first analysis blog so cut me some slack. So by now most of your thoughts on Skave is ITS TERRIBLE or ITS WORSE THAN ZOKE, but I think that Skave was well written except for perhaps the finale. Also, I won't be discussing much of the first half of Skave, so I will mention it right now before I talk about the second half.

    Well I firmly believe that from the start that the writers said that Sky and Dave was not going to work out, and here are three things that commonly occurred that helped prove my point.

    #1 Split Confessionals

    In every split confessional the two are literally thinking completely the opposite. For example after the switch Dave thinks that he still might have a shot with Sky, while Sky…

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  • DestructiveMilkshake

    So yeah we need episodes
















    19. FINALE: Jury vote

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  • SpiritAnimal

    S3 Themes

    March 10, 2015 by SpiritAnimal

    I know I'm not an admin, but I think we should go ahead and start thinking about S3 themes. Here are some of my suggestions:

    • Mansion
    • Cruise
    • Toxic Island
    • Island

    We should all post suggestions and the admins can look them over and decide (BTW VIRTUAL REALITY SOUNDS TERRIBLE LIKE REALLY? REALLY?)

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  • TylerSurvivorFan

    Hurt and Heal

    March 9, 2015 by TylerSurvivorFan

    Hey everyone so I am creating this because like this wiki should have another activity other then just roleplay because...uh yeah anyways here you go.

    Also, try not to take these hurt and heals personally. Thank you.

    1. Only 1 post per person per day:
    2. A character can only heal up to 20 points.
    3. Once you post your comment you can not edit it.
    4. Every 25 comments somebody can choose who to take and add 5 to, and every 100 comments somebody can who to take 10 to and from.
    5. You can only comment your hurts and heals every 24 hours.
    6. Every time the final 2 happens you can ONLY choose to EITHER hurt or heal.

    Color Description
    1st This character has won
    2nd This character has placed 2nd
    3rd This character has placed 3rd
    Color Description
    10+ This character has more t…

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  • DerpyandDawn


    March 4, 2015 by DerpyandDawn

    Greetings and Salutations, Peers of the wiki. 

    There is going to be a new rule, Which I'm sure you guys will all find somewhat enjoyment in. 

    Instead of their being interaction pages there will be... Brief summaries of interactions between contestants. Here I'll give a small example. 

    Courtney and Sky have different mind sets which set them apart very easily. And very early on in the season Courtney finds herself jealous of Duncan having a thing with Sky. However later on when Courtney switches teams, Courtney's opinion changes about her. Courtney finds Sky admirable and a good team player and often talked with her, And unlike some of her other friendships she seems to always be geniune with her. And they eventually merge together and form a …

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  • SkyFanTD


    March 1, 2015 by SkyFanTD

    Alright wow what an episode! Not going to lie, that was pretty good. Since I am out of the game, I decided to make a prediction blog yay! Okay I know this is very very early but like screw it.

    20th Go away. Ugh. nothing is good about Rodney NO OFFENSE. Please buy some pot uhhh woops *plot. Yeah but seriously he did nothing in the first episode so go home.

    19th Another filler. God, no offense to Heo, but Harold would be likeable if you contributed to the team/had plot.

    18th I could be wrong, but in my opinion Amy has nothing to offer. Unlike in the TRD wiki where her character did a complete 180 in this rp she is just there, but she is interesting when I pay attention.

    17th Yeah here is the thing Trent is inconsistent. Sometimes I enjoy him, somet…

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  • DerpyandDawn

    tayler: *smooching sky* mm baby u so hawtttt

    skoy: ily

    tealer: same

    skay and tikeler: *make out on couch*

    ianturns: omg u guys tis is sapused 2 be pg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    scy and tolyer: *do censored stuff*

    inturds: O:

    tylair: *whispers to intarns* ITS HARD GUYS


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  • SpiritAnimal

    Its a little further away, but lets start anyways.

    Its obvious that such a hated character could be fodder. But Dave was almost confirmed fodder in S1 until the season started...and he got 5th. So anything could happen, but Mike is also drained from his develop ability. Now that his MPD is gone, he's pretty much "The Guy" and we all don't want that.

    Tyler is amazing and awesome and I really wish that I wouldn't predict Lindsay here, but Lindsay has been floating all season. She is a funny character but when it comes to development Lindsay really hasn't had any this season. She has kinda been under the radar which is why she is in the final 4, while the other contestants target each other. So until she develops this season, I can't predict he…

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  • DestructiveMilkshake

    I randomized the cast in teams and made a few tweaks for some plots. The teams were mostly about even in gender, but the newbie/returnee ratio is rather off. Drama and plot wise, the teams are rather nice.

    1. Gwen
    2. Leshawna
    3. Lindsay
    4. Alejandro
    5. Izzy
    6. Heather
    7. Tyler

    1. Noah
    2. Geoff
    3. Jo
    4. Mike
    5. Amy
    6. Bridgette
    7. Brick

    1. Topher
    2. Trent
    3. Dawn
    4. Courtney
    5. Harold
    6. Dave
    7. Sky
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  • DerpyandDawn

    My Ideas for The Teams

    February 16, 2015 by DerpyandDawn
    1. Courtney 
    2. Heather
    3. Alejandro
    4. Lindsay
    5. Amy 
    6. Geoff 
    7. Topher

    1. Brick
    2. Dave
    3. Sky 
    4. Tyler
    5. Trent
    6. Mike
    7. Leshawna

    1. Dawn
    2. Harold
    3. Noah
    4. Jo
    5. Izzy
    6. Gwen
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  • SpiritAnimal

    RP Final 7 Overview

    February 14, 2015 by SpiritAnimal

    So I am going to review the final 7 and who I think should win. 

    (Estimated Placing - 7th-6th)

    Trent has done alot of awesome things this season, with Tyler, Lindsay, and Noah. Buutttt He has no plot right now. He hasn't really done anything after Tyler's elimination.

    (Estimated Placing - 6th - 4th)

    As bland as Bridgette is, this season she did pretty well, so I admire her for that. But, like Trent, she has nothing going for her, and because of that, I don't think she will pass this week.

    (Estimated Placing - 5th)

    Amy has a nice storyline, and is a good antagonist (even though she didn't do much) I still like her, but I hope I see her do some more antagonistic stuff before she gets eliminated.

    (Estimated Placing - 4th-3rd)

    Lindsay has no plots thi…

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  • SkyFanTD

    Final 7 Analysis

    February 8, 2015 by SkyFanTD

    Okay this is my first blog post, and I thought MAYBE I should do it about the RP. Anyways the topic final 7. Amy, Bridgette, Courtney, Dave, Lindsay, Sky, and Trent. Who is going to win it? uuh sky for sure. jk you will just have to read this to find out. This blog will explain how the contestants appeal to the audience and their predicted placing based on plots, alliances, blah blah you get the point.

    We are going to start with Trent. Uh......... okay I thought of what I will say, Trent is interesting, he is fun to watch BUT he has little to no plots. With Noah gone Trent is basically useless, EXCEPT his conflict with Lindsay which should be expanded on if Trent is going to last any further in this game. I also have noticed one small prob…

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  • SpiritAnimal

    RP Times

    January 30, 2015 by SpiritAnimal

    We should RP tonight at 4 EST. If we do, then we should be done around 7, when Our TDRP Wiki RP starts. And tomorrow we won't interfear with TRD wiki's RP. I think its a good idea.

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  • SpiritAnimal

    Thank You All!

    January 29, 2015 by SpiritAnimal

    Life right now is hard for me, also because of school, which is most stressful. I'm failing French class, while my other classes are high 70's to high 80's, which isn't too bad...I guess. I even got a lunch detention today because I missed alot of work when I had the flu...WTF! But while I was screaming inside of my head, I still remember when I stumbled upon the TRD wiki, and I met the awesome people that participate and talk with me everyday. I always look foward to RP, and being a character that I have always wanted to put in my hands and make them better. I am having chest pains and I think I have an anxiety disorder to where I will shake when someone even talks to me for a second. I feel so alone until I remember you all! Even though …

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  • SpiritAnimal

    Challenge Suggestions

    January 23, 2015 by SpiritAnimal

    The Teams wake up underground, and must find a way out. The team that escapes first wins.

    The contestants have a surfing challenge. The team with the most points added up wins.

    The teams must capture an animal that they are assigned to, similar to the TDI challenge.

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  • Berryleaf

    Another Couple Episodes

    January 19, 2015 by Berryleaf

    Hey guys, I think we should have another couple episodes to avoid too many double eliminations/  Here they are...

    "The Maine Course"

    Cooking challenge of finding various ingredients in Maine.  Could be team group effort or merge.

    "Maples in Naples"

    Team soccer match in Naples, Italy. 

    "Be More Pacific"

    Surfing Challenge in the Pacific Ocean.

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  • SpiritAnimal

    RP Next Week

    January 18, 2015 by SpiritAnimal

    Is RP Friday, Saturday, or Sunday...I was just confused...

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  • DerpyandDawn

    Q&A - Roleplay

    January 18, 2015 by DerpyandDawn

    Hey I decided to make a little Q&A blog. Please answer I would love to hear your opinions! 

    • What was your favorite episode?
    • Who was your favorite character?
    • Who was your least favorite character?
    • From 1-10 how well were the first 3 episodes?
    • Who do you think shined the most?
    • Who do you think shined the least?
    • If you could've changed one elimination what one would it be?
    • If you could automatically disqualify a character who would it be?
    • Who do you think will be the next out?
    • What do you expect from the next three episodes?
    • What are you looking forward to?
    • What was your favorite conflict?
    • What was your favorite friendship?
    • What was your favorite relationship/attraction?

    Now these next ones are optional, For me only.

    • Which episode did you think I did my best…
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  • Cabbage pult 74

    The Drop of Shame is the elimination exit in Total Drama: Around the Globe.

    Previously used in Total Drama World Tour, the Drop of Shame is taken by every contestant eliminated. They must drop off the plane with a parachute, however, a lot of the contestants had problems when reaching the ground.

    Cody: First voted off? I must admit that that was surprising, I though I was in good terms with my teammates, and I lose the opportunity of being with Anne Maria, Samey, well, all the cute girls. But at least I still have my...*loses the parachutes*...pride! And that is what girls like, am I right?

    • Notices he just dropped his parachute, starts to scream as he falls to the ground*

    Cody: *lands* Ouch! What a hard landing, wait where...

    • the scene shows Co…

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  • King Flurry51

    12:32 LlewellynIsAwesome! That's the spirit Bridgette

    12:32 LlewellynIsAwesome! LOL 12:32 LlewellynIsAwesome! FREDDIE 12:32 SkyFanTDLMAO 12:32 SkyFanTD OMG 12:32 DestructiveMilkshake What can you expect Zoey? Those two are probably just going to make out. 12:32 King Flurry51 Yes, I didn't sleep for the second night in a row...rats everywhere...stinky seats...crappy everything. 12:32 Berryleaf BECAUSE WE'RE THE FEROCIOUS FALCONS *cheers* 12:32 Cabbage pult 74 *conf.* I'm afraid that Duncan has an alliance with Sky. 12:32 Berryleaflol same thing 12:32 LlewellynIsAwesome!  : WOO HOO 12:32 TylerWebkinzFan GO TEAM 12:32 Heozaki Hey, guys! 12:32 DestructiveMilkshake Or discuss which one of us should go next. 12:33 SkyFanTD … Read more >

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