Egotistic Eagles
Killer Producers
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Teal
Eliminated TDAG: Yin vs. Yang
TDLCA: Son of a Beach!
Place TDAG: 6th
TDLCA: 17th
Friends Gwen, Alejandro
Enemies Bridgette, Dawn, Courtney, Jasmine, Geoff, Trent, Mike, Rodney
Voiced by Bryn McAuley
Roleplayer Mirnish

Amy, labeled The Evil Twin, was a contestant on Total Drama Around the Globe, as a member of Egotistic Eagles. She returned for Total Drama: Lights, Camera, Action as a member of the Killer Producers.


Amy is aggressive, snarky, impatient, and will take advantage of anyone if she finds the opportunity. She maintains she is both the "beauty and the brains" between her and her twin, and views Samey as a "spare Amy." Despite her claims of being intellectually superior over her sister, Amy frequently takes credit for her strategies and other accomplishments and at times acts rather childish and bratty. She also refuses to take responsibility over her own failures, placing the blame on Samey whenever something goes amiss. This causes other people to believe Amy is more likable and useful, both on the show and in their home lives. Amy swimming all the way back to Pahkitew Island after her elimination indicates that she is also very determined. She is a member of a cheerleading team with Samey, as evidenced by their uniforms.

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